Fortnite SKINS LEAK in 9.40 Update: Tsuki, Mika, Anarchy Agent, Bachii and ALL new skins

Fortnite Update 9.40 has released early today bringing loads of new content to all players crosswise over PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile gadgets. Annoyingly the game is offline with Fortnite Down and server status maintenance in progress. In any case, that is the life with Fortnite updates. On the off chance that people want a more intensive take a gander at this new 9.40 patch notes follow the link above, that will let people know all that they have to know about whats new in the game…

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‘Fortnite’ Season 9: All that people need to know

Toward the finish of last season, the world of “Fortnite” was hit with a volcanic emission, the most recent calamity to shake up the popular online game. Toward the finish of Season 7 in February, the game’s universe was struck by an earthquake. Such even usually result in noteworthy changes in the game’s landscape. What’s more, on Thursday, fans of the Epic Games can jump into Season 9, with a few new highlights and areas for players to investigate. The arrival of Season 9 follows a busy time for “Fortnite,”…

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