17 Year old Mohammad Salahuddin, takes over the stock market amid Covid-19 pandemic!

Popularly known as ‘The Wolf Of Dubai’, he has positioned himself on the top of the trading game.

These days people trading on the stock market want more than just strong financial returns. They’re increasingly opting for investments that will also have a positive societal impact. The coronavirus pandemic showed us that, even established financial companies can suffer downturns in the short term. In the longterm however, they’ve dominated global stock markets and continue to grow at a remarkable rate.

It is almost impossible to understand what controls market swings. Only a few seasoned traders have the right grip on markets and their in-depth knowledge surpasses all boundaries making them wisest of all when it comes to trading.
Young trading expert Mohammad Salahuddin is one of them who has aced the game of trading with his immense trading skills.

This 17 year old, Dubai based stock trader has shown that you can achieve expertise in this industry even without a formal degree. During the time of the global pandemic, where around 22,000,000 people lost their jobs in the US alone, Salahuddin assessed the situation wisely and started trading stocks with his father who has been in this industry for the last 10+ years. Truth be told, he has been studying under his father trade since young age of 13, and his interests in the trading industry have only spruced up with time.

Carrying out his first actual trade in May, 2020, he gained confidence and started trading stocks by himself. Since then, he has profited more than $30,000 in about 180 days when most stock traders faced heavy losses due to market volatility.

Currently, he is managing and taking over $112,000 in stocks as well as crypto currencies. With sheer expertise, hard work and much gained knowledge, Salahuddin has proved that one does not need a degree in finance to trade stocks and crypto currencies, it’s your knowledge on the workings of the market which can take you places. .

His sole aim is to help people be financially independent and achieve success through trading. From young entrepreneurs to experienced professionals, he wants to help everyone and turn their dreams into reality.

To find out more about him and his trading secrets, follow him on Instagram @thewolfofdxb

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