20 year old Agra Student Abhishek Parihar Wants to Represent his Country in Modeling World making everyone proud of him 

Abhishek Parihar is just 20 years old but he has the aspiration to top the fashion modeling world. His idea of becoming a model is very much different than the others who want fame, money and name. However, for this Agra based student, it is the opportunity to represent his country in the fashion world. He wants to be a fashion model not just to earn a big name but to make his country proud of him as he is going to make his country on the top in the fashion world. 

He has been a fitness freak apart from a sportsman as he plays football at the national level. He has represented his state at the national level football championship, while going for a state level for thrice. His exposure in sports has helped him to gain a good physical strength and at the same time, it has shaped his body as well making him perfect for him to try. He intends to continue playing football and at the same time wants to prepare to enter into the field of modeling. 

He wants to groom himself so that he can appear the best while he walks on the ramp. RIght from the backstage man to the show stopper, he intends to go a long way by being the part of various beauty pageants that would give him the chance to participate at the global modeling events allowing him to represent his country and make his parents proud of him. Well, this is how he has planned his career, and he is confident to achieve it sooner or later.

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