2020 was an eventful year for artist Nomad Mr. Murk City, and 2021 is set to be just as good.

He started 2020 releasing the video for Keep Pushin on January 1st. He then increased the hype for a full album, by releasing a second music video in March for the song Make It Home feat. Moviee215. Both songs and videos would become a taste for his album that would be released in August of that year.

After the success of both music videos, came his first album titled Trap Bible which is an acronym that means: Take Risks And Prosper, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

The album has features from fellow South Carolina artists Moviee215, Lucho, and Reezie Roc. The production team behind the music are Litboy Legendary, Hood Hozay, Supmariobeatz, International Wigg, and TNTXD.

Even though the album was released independently, it was mixed and mastered by Grammy Nominated engineer David Knocks.

Originally from Sumter, SC, this recording artist is currently living in Washington, DC. When asked about his musical inspirations, Nomad refers to: Jay Z, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., and Nas. In his words: “The best era of rap is the eighties or mid to late 90s”. The vibe from the songs of the album and the released music videos are reminiscing of that era but with a fresh and modern approach.

Trap Bible features Keep Pushin, Make It Home feat Moviee215, as well as 8 previously unreleased tracks.

When asked what’s his favorite song of the album is he names Keep Pushin as his personal favorite. “This song reflects on past events that have molded me into the man I am”, he says in an interview.

Even though of the personal implications this is a song that can be relatable to listeners. The city of Sumter where he grew up has earned the name of “Merk City” or “Murk City”, as it once was one of the most violent cities in South Carolina. Growing up in this environment forced Nomad to adapt to his environment accordingly.

Still the song is a banger with the right ingredients for becoming an anthem. It’s a single that is reminiscing of his childhood with sound of guns and children talking, with a powerful message and beats that makes it want to be played over and over again.

Trap Bible follows the release of the two music videos released that same year and can be found on every platform from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube.

If you still haven’t listen to the album, what are you waiting for? The production value is high and it clearly demonstrate the high level of presence and songwriting ability that Nomad has.

All of the songs are a must-hear, specially the single Keep Pushin, we can bet that you will become a Nomad after giving the album Trap Life a chance.

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