5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicholas Pinto

Nicholas Pinto is anything but your average 21-year-old boy. Here are a few fun facts you must know to understand why:

1. He eats six meals a day

He may look skinny, but he probably eats more than you do. Nicholas Pinto eats six small, healthy meals a day to improve digestion. His favorite food is chicken with basmati rice.

2. He is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker

Nicholas Pinto founded a successful scooter wheel company called LB Scoots at 13-years-old with little to no help. He has given keynote speeches at NJMEP’s Manufacturing Day Event at least twice. Pinto was invited onto the show Shark Tank, which he frequently watches.

3. He gained 500,000 followers on TikTok in 2 months

He is anything but an amateur when it comes to growth hacking. Two months after creating his TikTok account, he worked his way up to 500,000 followers by going viral.

4. He graduated from high school 2.5 years early

While you may have been in class, Pinto was working hard on his businesses. As a result, he found himself lacking time and had to decide what was more important.

5. He worked with Stella McCartney on her Gap collab and is a movie actor

Gap hired him as a fitting model before he was even a teenager. During his years of modeling for them, he was able to work with top fashion designers like Stella McCartney on her Gap children’s wear collab.

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