6 of the 49ers beat the Jags 30-10

The 49ers entered Sunday’s down in Jacksonville with a thin edge for mistake. A success was important, however a victory prevail upon the humble Jaguars would give the 49ers any desire for truly fighting for a season finisher spot. Their reverberating 30-10 beatdown of the two-win Jags places San Francisco in a captivating spot pushing ahead.

Hello playoff race

A success over Jacksonville wasn’t news for the 49ers in a vacuum. They completely beat down a mediocre rival, however in the process they moved back to .500 and put themselves in the hotness of the season finisher race. At 5-5 the 49ers are attached with No. 6 seed Minnesota and negative. 7 seed New Orleans. San Francisco has the Vikings in Week 12 and the season finisher pursue is particularly on in Santa Clara.

Taketh, no giveth

The 49ers won the turnover fight for the second-sequential week with two important points and no giveaways versus the Jaguars. Giveaways started their victory home misfortune to the Cardinals, and ball security the most recent fourteen days has assisted them with executing their strategy of pummeling restricting protections with supported drives. They utilized a couple early focus points to get out in front of the Rams and they utilized an action item early versus the Jaguars to go up two scores. In their last two misfortunes the 49ers are short 5 in the turnover section. In their last three successes they’re in addition to 5.

Third-down dominance

Third downs were a sizable issue for the 49ers through nine weeks. However, they’ve been cash in those spots the last two games. Because of a reliable run game that is placed the offense in good second and third down spots, they’ve changed over 14-of-26 over these fourteen days. They were 6-of-12 Sunday. Changing over at a clasp at or over 50% will have the 49ers in position to win a great deal of games down the stretch.

New winning way

It seems the 49ers have set up a personality. They will debilitate guards with a predictable blend of inside and outside runs. At the point when they do that it gets them in sensible circumstances on second and third downs and opens the playbook for a portion of the fascinating runs they’re doing with Deebo Samuel. Producing long hostile drives abbreviates games and makes restricting offenses more one-dimensional. This equation will not work each week, however it’s the character the 49ers have been feeling the loss of every season.

A road first

It’s not really huge, but rather the 49ers on Sunday won in the city of Jacksonville out of the blue. Their initial two games in Northeast Florida were misfortunes, and their last street game against the Jaguars was played at Wembley Stadium in London. This time the 49ers went to TIAA Bank Field and got the establishment’s first success there.

Welcome back, Brandon

While Samuel took on the star running back job against Jacksonville it left a void at the highest point of the beneficiary profundity diagram. Brandon Aiyuk filled that opening by pulling in each of the seven of his objectives for 85 yards and a score. That almost coordinated with the nine gets for 96 yards and a score he posted in the initial six games joined. It will be truly difficult to stop the 49ers on the off chance that Aiyuk will be another real pass-getting danger groups need to represent.

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