A Company Must Constantly Grow and Evolve to Survive – Lorraine P. Jordan

Today, staying in business requires more than capital, charisma, and good looks. With new startups launching every minute, staying current while juggling a slew of other challenges can be daunting. Add to that the likelihood of business success—only 51% survive the first five years—and it’s easy to see why job pressure is the leading source of stress in the United States, according to StatisticBrain.com.

Additionally, as corporate attention shifts away from retrenchment and toward growth, an increasing number of people are curious about why some businesses, and not just startups, are able to grow and expand more effectively than others.

As a real estate mogul with years of experience and a vast knowledge base, Lorraine P. Jordan believes that the key to accelerated business growth is big-picture thinking. “Businesses must do more than offer something unique to stay ahead of the competition; they have to constantly grow and evolve,” says Jordan. “From my experience, the secret ingredient for that is thinking bigger and outside of the box.”

Lorraine P. Jordan is an unprecedented real estate professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. She leads Team Jordan, the number one group for multiple years in Canada in terms of real estate sold, and a team renowned for their efficiency in meeting their clients’ needs.

For Lorraine P. Jordan, big-picture thinking is one of the dominating factors that helped her build her team and develop her business. But what makes someone a big-picture thinker? Well, big-picture thinking refers to how an individual views problems, opportunities, and situations. A big-picture thinker frequently enjoys brainstorming and coming up with numerous ideas. They are idea generators, frequently considering large-scale changes, large-scale projects, and significant opportunities to generate new business leads.

Still, how does big-picture thinking help accelerate growth? As per Lorraine P. Jordan, the ability to see what’s left, right, far ahead, and far back allows leaders to see what is happening inside the organization. “Taking time to consider the big picture is what alters your judgment and perspective and subsequently alters your activities and focus,” Jordan explains. “For me, it is a tool that helps me reinforce my vision and helps me put focus on what I think is important for me, my team, and my business.”

Lorraine P. Jordan also points out that even though running a business isn’t an easy feat, the overall success of a business can be seen as a sum of positive and negative outcomes. “Running any business is complicated, as there are thousands of factors that you need to take into consideration,” she says. “For example, a single real estate transaction includes over 200 tasks that require a variety of different skill sets. But what matters is that you make more positive things than mistakes, as that is what influences the outcome—whether it will be a success or fail.”

As she further explains, that is also where big-picture thinking comes in handy. “An effective leader is constantly striving to develop 360-degree perspectives on both themselves and their teams; This is how they are able to see both good and bad things,” she says. “After that, the leader’s job is to ensure that positive situations keep happening and prevent mistakes from repeating; that’s the secret of a successful business.”

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