Juank Cortavarria

Amazing! Juank Cortavarria shares some strong news with his followers.

Juank Cortavarría shared with his followers, through a story on Instagram, something that he’s very excited. That this week, he’ll start on the new viral diet. Yeah, just like you read it, Juank Cortavarria, will start the Keto diet this week. And his followers, they couldn’t be more excited and anxious for you to share with them more details of your early changes, as well as some photos or videos of the moment.

His Instagram story quickly reached thousands of views, and some of his followers they took the opportunity to ask him to teach them how to do
this diet. Some others wished him luck and most of them applauded for his courage. For now, Juank Cortavarria did not share any details about it, such as what kind of food will be, or will be in company with your nutritionist.

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