An Introduction to THIRDEYE Worldwide

THIRDEYE Worldwide is the new streetwear brand who are soon going to take over the fashion industry, representing some of their core values through their design, and giving opportunities for some of the overlooked ideas and facets of fashion, as well as other industries, to be given some light. They’re more than just a fashion label and provide a space for cultures to collide with each other and leave unique outcomes.

‘Walk by faith not by sight’ is one of the company slogans, and it’s a great way to phrase the work that’s going on behind the scenes in terms of those same values been appreciated and embraced through the visual aspects of fashion but being led to these by the brand’s aspirations and inspirations instead. It spreads and incredibly powerful message, and one which would be very useful for the modern fashion industry to step back and listen to.

Along the East coast and overseas in Nigeria, in Africa, the company is already taking off remarkably, and there’s a cult following collecting in these areas. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on this fusion of fashion and its values, so you should be sure to check out one of the next biggest brands to be!

The creator and CEO of THIRDEYE Worldwide, Siji Moore, is fuelled by ambition and determination, which makes the brand so empowering and successful at what they do. When asked who his biggest inspiration and role model has been throughout his life, he reveals that it’s his mother, who raised him as a single mother, who has worked hard throughout her life to provide for her family. Perhaps the biggest, most driving element of this for Siji is how she’s been able to make something out of nothing, and that’s really commendable.

Not to mention, he is powered by his passion and love for the industry, without which he wouldn’t know where else he’d like to work! Being a fashion designer, Siji talks about how he is inspired by life around him, rather than forcing ideas, and also believes his life is in God’s hands, and that will help to lead him to his company’s growth and success.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of the clothes from the brand, they have a fascinating collection of streetwear, and you can check out their line on their online shop. However, the FW20 Puffer Jacket is the newest drop, and you need one for yourself before they’re all gone. They come in a variety of colours and boast a flattering shape with an unmissable glossy finish.

Puffer jackets, as you probably know, are extremely trendy at the moment, so they’re the perfect addition to your collection, no matter whether you choose red, green or black. The orange edging design along the black puffer jacket is a very luxurious detail, and makes the item stand out from any other similar one. And you can’t forget the logo detailing on the arm and chest, another way this jacket is like no other!

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