Angus Onisforou Hopes To Expand His Cars & Collectables Business Internationally By 2021 End

Many people remember Angus Onisforou as the young and bright high school student who made a device in 2018 that would help quad bike, golf cart or mobility scooter by alerting them when they are about to enter dangerous territory. The gadget was called Quad Safe Early Warning System. Now he is all set to launch a new auction house business of Cars and Collectables next month. He has been working on his business plan for the past many months. Finally, his dream will come true, and his venture will come to life. The business will be functioning online and will be set up in Melbourne.

Cars and Collectables auction house will be specialising in cars and high-end collectables and parts. As an avid watch collector and motor enthusiast, he wants his business to benefit both the seller and the buyer. Angus will provide many cars and collectables at one place with competitive rates for his clients. All the cars will be underwritten on the platform, so the clients get every detail of whatever interests them.

Angus Onisforou is a Business/Law student at the University of Technology in Sydney. He will be pursuing his studies while handling his new work. As a business student, he is observant and has a deep knowledge of how the market works. Angus observed how online ventures showed enormous growth from the past year during the lockdown. Hence, he decided to start his venture online and will have clients from all over Australia. The budding entrepreneur wants to expand his company worldwide by the end of 2021.

About the Cars and Collectables auction house business, Angus shares, “The business will work with many clients and has been critiqued through many web designers, lawyers and professionals. It has been fine-combed to ensure the best possible product come launch next month.”

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