Australian investment property market recovery in 2020

If you have been paying attention to the news you might have seen that property markets are on the move again across Australia, fuelled by restriction eases, largely in Victoria, the countries second biggest state by population.

It seems that Australian and overseas property investors have been waiting to take advantage of this window of opportunity.  Many mum and dad investors are showing interest in setting themselves up to take advantage of the potential post-covid growth in the Australian property market in Q1 of 2021?

It seems now is that time to make that move, with the record low-interest rates and market rebounding. Now is that opportunity that you have been waiting for. is currently receiving more enquiries than ever as the market starts to recover and Aussie states begin to open up again. There is also positive sentiment in the market around the announcement by two pharmaceutical giants announcing successful completions of trials and potential vaccines hitting the market within months.

If you have been asking yourself if you should be buying now, or where you should buy and how do you get started, then you should be speaking to an expert to see how we can be of assistance to you. That is why we have put together a free property pack to ensure that our clients’ needs, goals and objectives are met.

A big part of your property investing success is getting the right home loan structure in place from day one. This service by will help you compare home loans online to make the best decision for your needs.

Typical mum and dad property investors, whether first or second time, are looking for:

1. Secure investments with the potential of high growth.

2. Long term Wealth producing returns from their investments.

3. A better lifestyle and building wealth through a property portfolio.

After all, long term quality of lifestyle is really what most investors are looking for.

Getting the right Plan is vital, so you receive:

1. Direction – Understanding exactly where you are and where you want to be is vital in the direction you take.

2. Clarity – You need to be able to trust the direction you are moving in and the team you are using to get there.

3. Results – That’s what counts, giving you the peace of mind of security but most importantly having a lifestyle you want rather than the one that most people are left with.

A big part of your property investing success is choosing the right lender. This great online service by will help read and review Australian banks all in one easy place.

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