Azruddin Mohamed, the team is prepping itself to be at par with world’s racing champions at Team Mohamed

The world audience is crazy about numerous sports that are looked upon and followed by their respective country’s spectators. Out of the many sports that have gained momentum in the past few decades is motor racing. A game which has emerged as one of the most followed sports in many countries across the globe. With its emergence, many racing teams have mushroomed up, with many showing promises to lead the world. Out of the many racing teams that have done exceptionally well and risen to become global phenomenons is one from Guyana, South America led by automobile enthusiast Azruddin Mohamed called Team Mohamed’s.

On forming his own efficient racing team and the success it has achieved since it’s establishment, Azruddin says, “motor racing is a sport which has gained momentum in recent years with the right kind of backing and sponsorships coming in of late. People have started to take this sport seriously and many countries are now ready to out in their resources into this sport, which was not the case earlier. The world is witnessing some of the biggest motor racing events, with a lot of money riding on their backs, which has caught major attention of big players who are now ready to splurge on this sport, which is definitely a good sign for the future of motor sports. I have tried to aim for the best, the reason my team’s name is shining bright across the motor racing sphere.”

Azruddin says he wants to take his team at par with international standards, and that’s why he is working hard towards making his dreams come true by consistently pumping in the finances that makes Team Mohamed’s the best of the lot. There are impressive sets of wheels under the team’s roof which include a 4000hp Pro Mod Ford Mustang, three undefeated GTRs, with horsepower ranging from 2000 to 2500hp, professional sports bikes and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. He is hell-bent on trying to update the team’s infrastructure which meets international standards, as his dream is to make his team world’s no 1.

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