Backpack Boyz have introduced exotic strains which are a hit this year amongst consumers.

Gone are the days when one had to go through that awfully tasting unpleasant taste when trying to benefit from cannabis use but not anymore.

Cannabis growers have been using their full potential to aid their products market reach and with that many have tried introducing innovative methods to woo their consumers. We see a whole new array of strains that hit the market every year that guarantee to tantalize the tasting buds of consumers, but one such maker who has made the world go gaga with their out of this world combination of exotic buds is Backpack Boyz. The introduction of their delicious and tasty strains have found permanent place amongst cannabis users in a big way.

When you talk about the Bay Area one name that constantly pops out is that of the exotic cannabis range by the Backpack Boyz which has become a rage. The concoction of flavours that these growers have introduced are the talk of the town and has found a steady consumer base which is increasing by the day. Their products effects are similar to the mob influence of mobster duo Lucky and Gotti who ruled the streets of New York City and had a strong influence in the crime circles. Their most in demand bud is the classic gelato No.41 with Billy Kimber OG and the popular ‘Gotti’ which is a puffy green bud flush with trichomes backed by a strong citrus nose which dominates it. With its distinct sweet flavour it is surely going to calm your nerves and make you reach a state of nirvana as you unwind for the day. The other flavours which are a hit amongst consumers is the cross of Sunset Sherb and Ice Cream Cake, which is a creamy blend of bud that is guaranteed to entice you with its unique sweetness. There is a gassy touch to the taste that comes with the sherb in the mix. The deep purple hued bud is perfect for that feeling that would take you to another world with its hard hitting traits.

For a more elaborate know-how on the Backpack Boyz much in demand products go to their instagram/backpackboyzdmv

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