Becoming a leading innovator and reinventor in the fintech and blockchain world is Danny Oyekan

His firm Dan Holdings has created a modern blockchain technology ecosystem that has initiated several contemporary products/services, promising to take the technological world to greater heights.

Many youngsters of today have come forward to show the world what they truly possess and display their impeccable talents to the world. Today, most of the business industries of the world have been backed by young minds and talents that bring about newer concepts and ideas that impress people like never before. The technological and financial worlds have seen a surge in their growth, especially from the past few years, not just because of the inventions it has made in the world, but also because of the many young talented minds, it has given birth to. Danny Oyekan from Nigeria, Africa is one amongst these young business personalities who has left no stone unturned to today become an entrepreneur and an avid investor par excellence, with having made his name not just in Africa, but also in Southeast Asia and Australia.

If anything that really attracted and influenced Oyekan since his early age, then it was the technological field and the world of blockchain. Oyekan hails from Lagos, Nigeria and was born in an American-Nigerian family. In the year 2012, he began his journey into blockchain and also believed in the advancement of bitcoin. This strong belief of his made him turn into an entrepreneur who today owns his company, famous as Dan Holdings, based in Dubai. Since almost eight years, Oyekan has been a part of the crypto, blockchain industry.

In 2016, he worked upon Dan Holdings and began full-fledged in 2018 with Dan ventures. Oyekan confesses that his initial interest was always into the areas of technology and hence to satisfy his quest to do something in the same, he started working on his fuel delivery and food delivery startup in 2016. In a year he noticed that the crypto market began growing swiftly and this upped Oyekan’s confidence to put together all his interests under one umbrella in the form of Dan Holdings, under which he came up with Dan ecosystem, that offers products and services for the better future of the world, focusing on fintech, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies and blockchain.

Speaking of the various futuristic products/services that Dan Holdings offer; it starts with Telechat – a privacy-focused messaging application, enabled with blockchain, that on one hand, allows to have a one of a kind messaging experience via text, pictures, documents, other media, etc. and on the other hand, has an inbuilt decentralized wallet called Coins App, allowing people to conveniently send/receive money to or from any part of the world with ensured safety and security.

Coins App is a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, and the native cryptocurrency would be blocked by actual gold. It will ensure the coin’s value to be retained, focusing on the price volatility of the digital coin and will also help payments across borders and all over the world.

Blockfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform to fulfill all the crypto needs of an individual. It is for both crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto trading that has allowed users to trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies and also offers peer to peer exchange, spot trading, instant exchange and many more things. Today, it is the fastest exchange, at lightning speed of 27 million transactions per second.

The rise in the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has further developed digital financial transactions, which is today undertaken by many parts of the world and is also widely accepted. However, such infrastructure is still to be accepted and made available in Africa. Hence, to create a positive difference in the fintech and blockchain world, Oyekan is working for filling in this gap in his country through Dan Holdings and its innovations.

Dan Holdings has been gradually reaching the top as a fintech, blockchain, renewable energy and artificial intelligence firm and is making every possible effort to fulfill its mission to be a powerhouse for an extensive adoption and innovation of fintech and blockchain.

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