Behind Yung Gecko’s Single “Spain”

Having made a strong debut in the year 2020, Yung Gecko’s final single of the year was “Spain”, which has gained almost 1 million total streams across all platforms. Having produced the beat himself, Yung Gecko was aiming for a west coast groove, similar to that of Shoreline Mafia. Releasing a preview of his production on TikTok, many people found the melody and drums very catchy and wanted Yung Gecko to record lyrics over it. When working on the vocals, the title “Spain” surfaced from a joke with his friends regarding the meme where the letter “S” is silent to create the word “pain”.

To encapsulate the meme, Yung Gecko discusses how other people don’t put actions to their words and that he is jokingly living in (S)pain from all of their false promises. Posting yet another preview on TikTok with lyrics this time, Yung Gecko received a very positive response from his fanbase and decided he would release the single on December 18th. Since putting out the single, “Spain” has been Yung Gecko’s most successful and in his eyes, best work of his debut year. Having released only 4 songs in 2020, Yung Gecko’s goal for the coming years is to release music more consistently.

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