Being a proud globe trotter and making people fall in love with exquisite locations of the world is Rasmus Peter Kristensen through his Instagram page “Resort”

With so many years of experience as a travel influencer, Rasmus shares his views on being a responsible tourist person.

Can anyone remember when was the last time; one did have a great time while travelling or moreover making a moment memorable? Well, it isn’t tough to recall all such times that made an individual feel alive again through the power of travelling. This happens only when people first choose to travel and explore the world and Rasmus Peter Kristensen along with his wife has chosen a particular life for themselves to travel around the world and at the same time be responsible travellers too.

He has created a page on Instagram called “Resort” where people from all over the world can come together as a travel community and share their distinguished experiences of life so that they become the reasons for someone’s decision to choose travelling. People can tag @resort and share the hotels, resorts and locations they have been to, this can help a lot of other travellers in making decisions and influencing them. Moreover, people can even get the chance to get featured on Resort.

For many people travelling could be a new experience of their life and hence, Rasmus who travels the world around with his wife and stays at 5-star hotels and resorts has his views to share on being an accountable and responsible tourist person. Below are a few of his views on the same.

  • Be more engaging: It is a different and exciting thing altogether when you interact, create more conversions and connect with people, just like Rasmus has been doing throughout his journeys in life. The more people engage with others, the more they connect with the local people and cultures. This makes a person more respectful towards the people there.

  • Do not disturb the environment: Even if one craves for more adventures in life while visiting a new place, a person must keep in mind that he/she should do things that must not have any harmful effects on the place. Rasmus says that people must avoid going in large groups, leave anything behind, or avoid creating more noise or ruckus, etc. all these small things must be kept in mind.

  • Make the locals your own: Rasmus has created some excellent relations with people whom he met in his travel expeditions. He advises others as well to share  their stories with the locals and make them their own to create a deeper connection.

  • Have an open attitude: Rasmus says that one can know more about the other places on earth when one keeps an open approach to try everything new at the new place, just like he has done so far. This attitude will help people to be more appreciative of the locals and the places, their cultures and traditions.

Travelling has always restored energy and has made Rasmus feel even more excited about life. Travelling for him is his biggest motivator and hence, he thought that what better way to make others too motivated than by creating a page on Instagram where travellers can have a common platform for discussing all things travel and inspire many other souls. Resort has crossed more than 1.1 million followers and is still growing each day with connecting more travel lovers.

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