Black Widow’s post-credits are a sign of what the future holds for MCU

The hotly anticipated film fixated on the Avengers’ Natasha Romanoff — Marvel’s longest-tenured female hero — is at last in theaters. I loved a great deal of things about it, however regardless of whether the pandemic hadn’t deferred the film’s delivery by over a year, its story would in any case feel long past due.

Dark Widow is a prequel whose sequence in the MCU falls a long time before Endgame, where the person eventually passes on an emotional (and dubious) demise. Not at all like a great deal of Marvel’s other independent Avengers films, it doesn’t actually propel her individual story forward; all things being equal, it fills in the holes of a daily existence we’ve recently caught wind of however seldom found in the MCU.

All things considered, in the terrific custom of essentially every other Marvel film to date, Black Widow has a post-credits scene. The studio has since quite a while ago utilized end-credits scenes to prod future motion pictures and future MCU storylines. Notwithstanding Black Widow’s status as a fairly static “history” section, its credits scene figures out how to allude to a potential future storyline and the development of a lowlife we’re simply becoming acquainted with. It likewise further concretes and fortifies the connections between Marvel’s motion pictures and TV series inside the MCU. Maybe than zeroing in on Natasha, be that as it may, it turns a piece to prod how Florence Pugh — who plays individual professional killer Yelena — may carry on the title of Black Widow in the MCU’s future.

What occurs in Black Widow’s credits scene

Dark Widow’s credits scene opens with Yelena driving down a back road with a charming canine. She at last contacts her objective, which is uncovered to be Nat’s gravesite. The gravestone is embellished with blossoms, demonstrating Nat’s penance and residency as an Avenger didn’t go unseen.

The scene places us in the current day, at some point after Nat’s passing in Endgame. That implies the last time we saw Yelena in the MCU order was just after Civil War and a long time before Thanos’ attack in Infinity War, when Yelena and Nat headed out in different directions and Yelena set off to save the numerous ladies who’d been indoctrinated into turning out to be Black Widows very much like them.

Yelena is visiting Natasha’s grave to offer appreciation to somebody who had become a sister to her. Unexpectedly, she is joined by the Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who inquires as to whether she needs to vindicate Nat’s passing. Yelena says yes. Valentina shows Yelena a photograph of a man whom she says is liable for Nat kicking the bucket. The camera, joined by an intense music drop, uncovers that the imagined individual is Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). That is the point at which the scene suddenly closes.

How this credits scene affects the eventual fate of the MCU

Actually speaking, Valentina isn’t totally off-base when she discloses to Yelena that Clint is answerable for Nat’s demise. In Endgame, Clint and Natasha were entrusted with recovering the Soul Stone to finish the Infinity Gauntlet and converse Thanos’ snap. The precarious part is that to acquire the Soul Stone, you need to forfeit a spirit.

Both Clint and Nat battled to be simply the person who forfeited, yet it was Nat — pronouncing that she ought to be the one to bite the dust, in enormous part in light of the fact that Clint had a family to care for — who eventually traded her life for the Soul Stone. Thus, sure, in a free translation, Clint and his family are the explanation Nat is dead. In the event that he didn’t have a family, and if Nat had not been close with them, she probably won’t have been so constrained to hurl herself off a bluff and save the world.

However, from what we think about Valentina in Marvel’s comic books, she’s an odious player and genius. Likewise, in her new appearance on Marvel’s Disney+ TV series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier — which denoted her authority on-screen prologue to the MCU — she was by all accounts sowing seeds of uncertainty and ploy in her enrollment of Captain America II, John Walker.

In this way, with Valentina not giving Yelena the full story in Black Widow’s credits scene, it seems she is setting up a conflict among Yelena and Clint.

The unavoidable go head to head among Yelena and Clint presumably will not occur in one of Marvel’s impending motion pictures; the following not many titles on the studio’s timetable are The Eternals, Shang Chi, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, none of which will noticeably include Clint or Yelena. Enter Hawkeye, the approaching TV series on Disney+ that doesn’t yet have a particular delivery date yet is relied upon to debut later in 2021.

Not many subtleties are thought about Hawkeye, then again, actually Renner will repeat his part as the title character and Hailee Steinfeld will play Kate Bishop, a youthful markswoman who assumes the title of Hawkeye in Marvel’s comic books.

Should Yelena appear on Hawkeye and butt heads with Clint and Kate, there may ultimately be the point at which she learns the full degree of Clint and Nat’s profound fellowship. In the event that Yelena comes to understand that Nat cherished Clint and his family so much, and that she needed to do anything she could to help her group, she’d have the total story instead of the misleading statement Valentina advised her.

Such an uncover would be a chance to set up Yelena as a component of whatever the following adaptation of the Avengers resembles — and make the way for her (and Pugh’s) future in the MCU.

There’s likewise an expected equal between the Nat/Yelena and Clint/Kate teams, in that it appears like Marvel means to pass on the titles of Black Widow and Hawkeye to new individuals. In Black Widow, Nat and Yelena recognize they are sisters, regardless of whether they’re not related by blood. Clint and Kate have kind of a more established sibling more youthful sister dynamic in the comic books, and it’s probable a similar powerful will continue to Hawkeye. There will be a ton of clever balance to future MCU storylines should Pugh and Steinfeld eventually become the following cycles of Black Widow and Hawkeye, remaining consistent with the characters’ accounts and proceeding with their inheritances.

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