Imran Shah is the man behind Shah Enterprise NJ, a business conglomerate that operates under various business sectors.

Isn’t it wonderful to see how a few individuals and professionals have worked their way to the top and walked their paths on their own to become well-recognized names in their chosen sectors? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of too many such talented beings; however, among them, a few rare gems stand distinctive from the rest in more ways than one, for they exude pure passion and love for their work, along with their determination and dedication in everything they ever choose to do in their careers and lives. We noticed how one such man named Imran Shah did the same in the world of business, turning the heads of many across the world.

Imran Shah is the man behind Shah Enterprise, which has today grown as a one-of-a-kind business conglomerate that operates and runs several businesses in varied sectors, something not all have been able to achieve in their careers, especially after overcoming the many struggles that Imran Shah had to face in his life, be it in his personal or his professional life. He stayed in a shelter till he turned 21 and first got a job at a car dealership. At this point in his life, he had no inch of an idea that life would take a 360-degree turn for him and lead him to become an over $100 million man and business owner.

He gradually climbed the ladder of success, making sales and selling luxury vehicles. However, a man one day noticed his skills and referred him to an oil and gas business. This allowed him to learn many new things and introduced him to the business side of things. Eventually, Imran Shah went ahead in opening his first gas station, which will lead him to open a dozen more in the upcoming years.

Today, as a multipreneur with Shah Enterprise, he has come a long way and also makes sure to give back to communities in the form of charities, remembering the humble background he hailed from.

To know more about his enterprise, check out his Instagram @theshahofnj.

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Faizal Atcha is the first developer to create and implement the idea of a unique Golden Tower in one of UK’s most exciting cities, Manchester. In this essay, he will share some helpful points on the different types of buildings. Faizal not only runs business in constructions but also is active in clothing and music industry.    

“Towers, high-rise, skyscraper, supertall, crazy tall! You would be excused for feeling confused,” said Faizal. We constantly use these terms interchangeably when explaining designs that are remarkable for their altitude; however, there is, in fact, a distinction between structures that happen to be tall and true skyscrapers.

The CTBUH which stands for Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat expresses four classes: 

  1. Tall Buildings
  2. Skyscrapers
  3. Supertall Skyscrapers 
  4. Mega tall Skyscrapers

In this article, we will read about the first two.


The owner of Lawung brand says: “So, here is the truth, there is no accurate description of what comprises a tall building, and it is, to some extent, personal.”

For instance, a 10-storey construction that is the highest building in a local town or low-rise city would quickly seem insignificant if it were dropped into the middle of Hong Kong or Chicago. He added: “Some categories 50 meters (165 feet) as the threshold for a tall building, but that is by no means a widely accepted classification.”

As a matter of fact, the term “tall building” is typically utilized in our everyday speech to explain any construction that rises to a notable or significant altitude.


To qualify as an actual skyscraper, a building must be self-supporting and not need tension cables or extra items to stay upright.

Atcha states that there is another thing; the habitable floor area must occupy at least half of the structure’s entire height. As a result, communication and observation towers like Tokyo’s SkyTree or Berlin’s Fernsehturm are not considered to be skyscrapers even though they are very tall. Yet, true skyscrapers must reach a minimum altitude of 150 meters (492 feet). 

Faizal concluded: “While this used to be a somewhat premier club, numerous structures worldwide now fall into the skyscraper definition group, and as engineering and building strategies have continued to grow, humans have broadened the horizons of building in height.”

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We all know Mohammad Saeid Moala, a musician, beat maker and trainer and kickboxing master of Iran, Mohammad Saeed is trying to tell some tips and worries for those dear ones who have problems in the singing profession.

Most people who have a good voice know very well that breath control technique is the most important part in singing.

Singing standing up is one of the most important ways to improve your voice.

Mohammad Saeid Moala added:

If you pay attention to the way famous singers stand, you will see that they are very careful about the position of their legs, knees, shoulders, stomach and other body parts.

 Do you know what is the cause? If you have noticed, we have mentioned several times that you should prepare your body and soul for singing. Body preparation does not mean only voice and larynx, but you should prepare other parts of your body for singing.

One of the most important points in singing is that you sing standing up. When you stand, you focus more on your voice and body parts.

In fact, we must point out that standing is one of the most important aspects of singing. How you stand can have a direct effect on your tone and voice;

 This is because when you are in a standing position, the diaphragm, which is the muscular membrane under the lungs, is in the right position and this issue has a very positive effect on the tone of your speech and voice.

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His focus and dedication towards entrepreneurship has brought him to the forefront of the industry

Successful entrepreneurs and investors are essential members of any business or innovation sector. They have experience and knowledge that can help businesses and startups grow and succeed. We have seen many successful individuals who have done wonders in their respective areas of work, and
Wilsonstillrunning is one of them. He has been successfully identifying the right businesses and investing in them. This young achiever from Croatia has come a long way from the time he used to play video games to creating characters for the same video games. He has invested in a few popular games like Thriller, Club House, and FaZe Clan.

He says that he has been a big fan of anime and has been into reading Manga as a kid. His obsession grew with time, which eventually culminated into a full-fledged career which led him to establish his own company revolving around the gaming niche. On being successful as an entrepreneur, he says that you need to have a good understanding of your business and the market, and get involved in it deeply to get positive results. “An entrepreneur’s success depends on his or her plan and execution. Make sure you have a clear vision for your business and how you plan to achieve it.,” says Wilsonstillrunning.

He has been a successful entrepreneur and is now turning into an angel investor as he truly believes in the startup ecosystem. Wilsonstillrunning believes that there are three major changes that we can see today, the first change is that people are more willing to take risks than before, the second being that VCs have become more open to investing in early stage companies, which means startups need less capital to get started, and the third change is that VCs are becoming more interested in investing in companies with strong teams and great founders rather than just focusing on ideas or products. These changes are making a positive impact on the start-up industry, which is poised to grow exponentially in the next few years.

To know more on him, follow his Instagram @wilsonstillrunning.

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Mohammad Reza Moghadasi, the youngest Iranian entrepreneur is well-reputed for his creative mind and incredible ideas. He is extraordinarily talented in turning needs into opportunities. Most of his numerous businesses are based on this where lots of job opportunities are made. Here, he provides some suggestions on how to have an innovative mind and be creative.

“No one is born with a creative mind” Mohammad Reza claims. Innovation is not something you are born with, but it can be improved over time. To turn to a person with fabulous ideas, he suggests the following items.

Try closed-eye thinking

Some of the businesses I manage at the moment are shaped when I was lying on the bed or resting. I closed my eyes and just let my brain talk to me. It may be funny in the first place, but it happens. In the beginning, just some daily issues would come to my mind, but after trying this strategy for a couple of months, my brain told me some amazing ideas.

Focus on every single need

We always face some obstacles or difficulties in every single moment of our lives and it can be interpreted as a need. Not important how small or big it is, we face a need and a good opportunity for the mind to start its activity for a solution. It after all leads to innovation.

 Dig out individual needs

When facing individuals, ask them about their obstacles or difficulties in everyday life. Congratulations! You got a source to find a solution for and it’s time that your mind gets involved in a brilliant way to innovation.

Look at your surrounding in a different way

No explanation. Time to be creative.

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Samantha posted a photo on social media, expressing her excitement and nervousness about Yashoda’s release. The movie will be released in theatres on November 11th.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is preparing for the release of her upcoming film Yashoda, which is set to hit theatres on November 11th. A day before the film’s release, the actress shared a photo with the caption, “excited and nervous.” The actress has also crossed her fingers and hopes that audiences like her.

Samantha shared a happy photo on social media ahead of Yashoda’s release, which you can see here:

Sharing a pic of herself flaunting a smile with her fingers crossed on social media, Samantha wrote, “Extremely nervous and especially excited! One day to go. Mee andhariki Yashoda nachchalani gattiga korukuntunna. Good vibes to my directors, producer, cast and entire crew as they wait like me for your verdict tomorrow. All fingers and toes crossed. #YashodaFromTomorrow.”

Regarding Samantha’s Yashoda

Yashoda, directed by Hari Shankar and Harish Narayan, stars as a surrogate in this gritty, edge-of-your-seat action thriller. Samantha will play Yashoda, a surrogate mother who bravely uncovers the secrets of a serious medical crime.

Yashoda, directed by Hari Shankar and Harish Narayan, also stars Unni Mukundan and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, Shatru, Madhurima, Kalpika Ganesh, Divya Sripada, and Priyanka Sharma. Sridevi Movies is the production company founded by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad.

Yashoda release date

Yashoda will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi on November 11. Samantha is set to make her debut in Hindi cinema with Yashoda.

upcoming projects

Meanwhile, Samantha’s next project is the mythological film Shaakuntalam, in which she plays princess Shakuntala. The film, directed by Gunasekhar, was scheduled to be released on November 4 but was postponed. The makers have announced that Shaakuntalam will now be released in 3D, so a new release date will be announced soon. She will also appear alongside Vijay Deverakonda in Kushi, which will be released in December. After Mahanati, this will be her second film with the Liger star (2018).

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After 8 months, Vijay Deverakonda’s shoulder injury has healed. On his official Instagram account, the actor posted the update along with an uplifting message.

In the Telugu cinema business, Vijay Deverakonda is without a doubt one of the most sought-after young actors. Liger, a sports drama, marked the outstanding actor’s recent Bollywood debut. Although it was Vijay Deverakonda’s largest box office success to date, the Puri Jagannadh-directed film was a colossal flop. In order to portray a boxer in the movie, the actor had to go through a rigorous training and exercise programme. However, the actor injured his shoulder during filming. After an extended 8 months of treatment, Vijay Deverakonda has nonetheless fully recovered from his injury.

Vijay Deverakonda on his recovery

The actor from Liger recently published an update regarding his health along with some encouraging words on his official Instagram page. “After 8 months of rehabilitation, the back is practically fully healed. The beast is eager to emerge. has been imprisoned for too long. My loves, strive hard and surpass everyone “Vijay Deverakonda posted a message on his Instagram story. The actor is depicted in the image wearing a yellow suit and hiding his face with his heavily-worked palms.

Visit Vijay Deverakonda’s Instagram story by clicking here.

Shoulder injury of Vijay Deverakonda

The gifted actor captured viewers’ attention with his dramatic makeover for the film Liger, which starred him in the guise of an MMA fighter. The actor had a shoulder issue before to making his film debut, according to an earlier interview with Vijay’s trainer Kuldeep Sethi. In addition, he had a severe muscular imbalance. According to rumours, Vijay Deverakonda once more hurt his shoulder while filming the Puri Jagannadh project, aggravating his ailment. For the past eight months, he has been receiving treatment.

Work front for Vijay

Vijay Deverakonda intends to be selective in his career and wants to pick his upcoming projects carefully in light of the resounding failure of Liger. The actor will next be featured in the upcoming romantic comedy Kushi, which will mark their second collaboration together following the smash Mahanati from last year. He intends to work with Liger director Puri Jagannadh once more on his upcoming film, Jana Gana Mana. For his upcoming film, Gautham Tinnanuri, the director of Jersey, is also in negotiations with Vijay Deverakonda.

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Malaika Arora wrote a heartfelt message in a post for her son Arhaan Khan’s birthday. Arhaan celebrated his 20th birthday on Wednesday. See this post for more information.

Arhaan Khan, the son of actors Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, turned 20 on Wednesday. Malaika wished Arhaan with throwback photos on Instagram. To commemorate his special day, she wrote a heartfelt message for him. She referred to her son as’mama’s boy.’

She shared a picture of Arhaan from his childhood. She also shared a photo of him wearing swim goggles. She posted a photo of herself and her son with a puppy. Fans compared the birthday boy to his father, Arbaaz, based on a mirror image of Arhaan, who was most likely standing with his father. Arhaan was dressed in a vest and blue jeans.

Sharing the pictures on Instagram, Malaika wrote, “My baby boy is a grown up man today… but will always be my baby ( red heart emoji) happy birthday my arhaan (evil eye, cake, hug and heart emojis).” She used hashtags #20yearsold and #mamasboy on the pictures. Actor Bipasha Basu dropped a heart emoji on the post.

Reacting the pictures, one of Malaika’s fans wrote, “Just looks like Arbaaz Khan.” Another fan commented, “Happy birthday handsome.” Other fan wrote, “Sooo many best wishes for him…May he always have best health and brightest future…happy happy birthday….20x.” Many fans extended warm wishes to Arhaan and dropped heart and cake emojis for him.

Malaika and Arbaaz married in 1998. Arhaan, their first child, was born on November 9, 2002. After nearly 19 years of marriage, the couple separated and filed for divorce in 2017. Malaika opened up about her divorce on Kareena Kapoor’s podcast in 2020, saying, “It’s never, ever easy, like no other major decision in your life.” At the end of the day, someone has to be held accountable. You must always point the finger at someone. I believe that is how most people approach things.”

Arjun Kapoor is Malaika’s current boyfriend. In 2019, they made their relationship official. She recently revealed details about her relationship with Arjun, as well as what keeps them together. “The best thing about Arjun is that not only do I bond with him, but he is also my best friend,” she told Masala magazine. It is critical to love and fall in love with your best friend. Arjun gets me, he understands me, and he tells it like it is. I believe we are both each other’s biggest supporters.”

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Dominic West, who plays Prince Charles on The Crown, claims that portraying the monarch improved his opinion of him and expresses his hope that the programme will give the monarch a “fair hearing” when it recounts his divorce from Princess Diana.

The divorce of King (then Prince) Charles and Princess Diana is one of the turbulent and divisive events in modern British history that is covered in the new season of The Crown. The public dissolution of the royal marriage in the 1990s made for compelling tabloid material around the world and damaged Charles’ and the British Royal Family’s reputations. This season’s Charles, played by Dominic West, thinks the programme will offer him “a fair hearing.”

The life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II are chronicled in The Crown. Late 1940s until the middle of the 1980s were covered in the first four seasons. A new main cast is introduced every two seasons. The fifth season takes viewers deep into some of the most turbulent years in modern British history in addition to including a whole new ensemble led by Imelda Stanton as Queen Elizabeth. The most notable of these is Charles’ (Dominic’s) and Diana’s divorce (Elizabeth Debicki).

Dominic West discussed the prospect that viewers’ perceptions of Charles may change after season five during the show’s global press conference on Tuesday, which Hindustan Times attended. He declared, “He is one of the lives that is scrutinised and covered by the media the most. So it’s challenging to ascertain what others think of him. This time span encompasses the divorce-related struggles he experienced. I guess the viewers only heard or saw one of the two sides of a divorce. Now that things have been put in perspective, hopefully everyone will be given a fair chance to speak. That is a factor in the decision to proceed.

The actor expressed his hope that the audience would share his sympathy for Charles after playing him on the show. Obviously, I adore the man. I’ve never heard it articulated about having to start falling in love with the character as well as Johnny just did. I hope that occurs when people see Charles in this because you have to take their side and give them the benefit of the doubt,” he continued.

Author Peter Morgan is the creator of The Crown. November 9 marks the start of the new season on Netflix. Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, and Jonny Lee Miller are included in the supporting cast.

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Janhvi Kapoor recently opened up about her glam image on social media, which contrasts sharply with the simple sweet girl-next-door roles she plays in her films.

Janhvi Kapoor’s on-screen persona has been quite different from her glamorous off-screen persona. While she has played the small-town girl next door in many of her films, the real Janhvi is much more glamorous. In a recent interview, the actor addressed this disparity, stating that she used social media to “have fun” and pay off her EMIs.

Janhvi has played more relatable and middle-class characters in the majority of her films, including her most recent release, Mili. Her Instagram, on the other hand, is chock-full of glam shots and carefully curated photoshoots. The actor stated that she has been told numerous times that her differences make it difficult for audiences to accept her in non-glam roles.

“I have been told things like these,” Janhvi said in an interview with Galatta Plus. ‘Your films have a certain beat to them, and your social media presence is quite contradictory. If they keep seeing you in this outfit, it will make them less likely to buy you as those characters.’ I’m trying to keep myself from being so calculating. People may be confused if they see me in a Manish Malhotra saree and then in a kurta in a film. But that’s my job, that’s my art. I’m very passionate about it, and I want to be as open and honest about it as possible. But in real life, I’m not that person. That’s exactly the point being an actor.”

Janhvi stated that the purpose of her social media is for her to have fun and possibly get more brands on board to help her ‘pay EMIs with more ease.’ “I don’t want to take it so seriously,” she explained. My social media accounts are for me to have fun. Hopefully, if I look cute and five more people like my photos, I’ll get another brand and be able to pay off my EMIs more easily than before.”

Mili, Janhvi’s film, was released in theatres on November 4th. The survival thriller is a remake of the Malayalam hit Helen, which was also directed by Mathukutty Xavier. The film performed poorly at the box office, earning less than 2 crore nett in its opening weekend.

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