Boston based Entrepreneur BobbJayTV

Bob Jacobs, better know by his stage name BobbyJayTV is a Liberian American entrepreneur, music producer and a fitnes trainer. Originally from Liberia, West Africa but grew up in Massachusetts. His family migrated to the United States when he was ten years old for a better life due to the war that was going on in his country at the time. BobbyJayTV fame came from a massive fanbase on Vine in 2013.

After Vine announced their deadline to end the social media app BobbyJayTV brought his loyal fans to Instagram in 2015. His great work ethic has gotten him an African New England Award (ANEA) in May 2018. BobbyJayTV were invited on a live TV interview with the Senate of New Hampshire “Kevin Avard” in 2018 which strives him to work even harder to promote himself. He later then was invited to a live radio interview known as Push978Radio in 2018. He is known for being a humble and ambitious person.

Thus, that brought him to be in a position to be on tour around public figures like Davido, Armon and Trey.

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