Cat Eye_Brow Lift

Why the cat eye/brow lift look is trending all over social media.

The cat eye/brow lift look, also known as a Canthoplasty, is becoming a widely appealing procedure for the younger patients in their 20s and 30s. This procedure gives you a natural, youthful and exotic almond-shape look that attractively repositions the eyebrows and elevates the eyebrow tissue. The cantholasty procedure involves lifting, tightening, and repositioning the lateral canthus. It can also be done in addition to a blepharoplasty which includes the same incisions. Some benefits from this procedure is that it produces an almond-shape eye look, brings a youthful rejuvenation to the eyes, and is a permanent look. The almond-shape eye look is becoming a more desirable and attractive look that is suited for both men and women. Another way to achieve the cat eye look is the thread lift procedure. It is a non-surgical procedure that pulls up your outer brow with dissolvable threads and this holds your new eye shape in place giving you the fox or cat eye look. The thread lift procedure will give you that Hadid-Jenner like eye look with your upper eyelid more open. It is a minimally invasive procedure, relatively pain-free and has minimal down time. 

Dr. Michael Omidi is a double-board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills. He specializes in facial plastic surgery, specifically in facelift procedures. Dr. Omidi has done many brow lifts in his time as a plastic surgeon. He makes an incision behind your hairline across the top of your head from ear to ear to lift your forehead into its new position. 

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