Comets football crew returns for definite round of season Friday

An abbreviated football season closes Friday for the Halifax County High School football crew in Danville against GW High School.

Halifax County High School athletics department officials affirmed Thursday that the Comets and Eagles will play at GW High School on Friday, with game time at 7 p.m.

The varsity football crew has played double this season, losing to Bassett High School and GW, and they haven’t played since the March 12 game against the Eagles.

Games against Patrick County High School and Magna Vista High School were dropped before because of non-COVID-19 issues, particularly injuries, as per head coach Rob Senseney.

The football crew has been managing wounds and absence of profundity this season, Senseney clarified.

“They want to play and compete, and they also understand the task at hand, but, overall, every decision we’ve made to play or not to play has been gut-wrenching.”

The errand has been attempting to adjust injury issues and the players want to need to contend.

The players need to play to get some routineness in their lives in the wake of managing COVID-related issues for over a year, Senseney called attention to.

The injury circumstance facing the group has improved the recent weeks, yet Senseney alerts that the Comets are not 100%.

That will be normal now of the period, he noted.

“We have somewhat more profundity where we required the profundity, yet in no way, shape or form are we 100%,” he clarified.

“In any case, altogether truly, that is the place where you’re as a rule at in a football season.

“The lone distinction among now and where it has been is that we haven’t had the option to pull jayvees up. Before, when your varsity long snapper goes down, you simply proceed to get your jayvee long snapper.

“We don’t have that extravagance at this moment.”

Football is an actual game, and players endure wounds, knocks and wounds, and that is the idea of the game, as per Senseney.

“We have bruises and pulls, and another tough part is we don’t have a trainer right now,” he recognized.

The issues confronting the Comets have not been remarkable to the football crew, Senseney called attention to.

“Other sports in our building have gone through the same thing, and other schools as well, so the situation we’ve been through here at Halifax has not been unique to us” he said.

“There’re numerous individuals in this boat. We simply anticipate allowing our children to contend, and our next center is getting our fall season rolling and getting our children back in the program.”

There’re many people in this boat. We just look forward to giving our kids a chance to compete, and our next focus is getting our fall season rolling and getting our kids back in the program.

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