Convince the millennials & boost your marketing campaign through smartphones!

Millennials are one of the most important parts of society, and they are mostly tech-savvy, with smartphones and tablets in their hands all the time, or else they are hooked to their PCs and laptops. They are accused of so many bad habits, and they love wasting time. But they are a huge part of the market. It is very challenging for the marketer to persuade a new generation, but if the millennials are adequately convinced, then they can become an important asset for your business. Millennials can make the best use of technology if they are correctly taught. Nowadays, there are so many ways in which millennials can contribute to the market easily, and it is possible only through phone.

Why millennials play an important role in marketing

Millennial is a term that represents the young adults in society, and they are the most technically advanced age group. But the word millennial can create a picture of someone who loves wasting money and time. But over the years, they have grown up to be more mature and responsible. Those millennials who are born in 1981-1996 are now in a big stage of life. These millennials are in their twenties or thirties. According to research, millennials largely contribute to the national GDP by spending $200 billion each year.

You can’t imagine a market without millennials. At this moment, small, large businesses are going through tough times.  It would take some time for the millennials to become experts in the market, and now only 15 percent of small businesses are being controlled by millennials. They are letting opportunities slip away from their hands.

Millennials aren’t used to the old technologies, but they do know how to use complicated smartphones or devices with touch screens to communicate. They love things that are related to technology and the internet. Mobile phones have become their best friends, and they never leave their phones. About 90% of millennials use smartphones, and only 85% of them use them for communication. The rate of using smartphones is very high among young individuals. The older adults use their phones whenever it is necessary, but the millennials use their phones all the time.  It is almost 5x times more than the elders spend their time on the phone. According to data, 4 out of 10 millennials stay busy on their phone all the time instead of actual human interaction.

What things can encourage millennials

How will it be possible for you to reach the millennials for marketing? It is an easy process if you do it carefully. These young people always have the phone in their hands, so the best way to attract them is to use digital marketing. You can follow some steps to make the millennials your customer.

Some innovative ways to target millennials

Make a mobile-friendly strategy.

When your best customers are mobile phone-obsessed, you need to develop ideas in order to reach them through the said device. You need to incorporate marketing strategies that involve mobile phones. Moreover, you also need to lure the millennials through your marketing skills. First, you should create mobile-friendly content for your site, landing pages, emails, and other digital platforms. If you are thinking about why you should make your content mobile-friendly, then remember that the millennials use smartphones to visit websites.

According to research, 60% of people leave web pages if they face any trouble while accessing them, and they don’t return to open that website again. Also, they check the competitor’s websites expecting the same services easily. 

To give an excellent experience to the millennials, the marketer should focus on investing in the design that will help them know whether the viewers are using smartphones or computers while using the website. If most of your customers are using phones, then you should make your website mobile-friendly.

Few Things to keep in mind

  • As a marketer, you need to know what kind of option is working best for you. You can take the help of WordPress or any similar website that provides a great experience to the viewer. If you take professional help, then your website can turn mobile-friendly, or if you have a web developer at your company, you can ask him/her to fix the issue.
  • While designing the website and web pages, remember that most of the users are mobile users; you need to make the process simple and quick. 
  • Don’t try to put too much content on one page because it will take a long time to load, and the buffering problem will start. Design your web page with a good amount of space so that you don’t have to put too much into a single page.
  • The website should open quickly, and the web pages should not buffer, but there are some things that can slow it down. Like slow internet connection and bad network, but try to design the page in such a way that it would be easy to overcome any problem. Google provides AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) through which you can manage websites and make them fast.  

Use social media for promotion

Millennials stay active on social media sites all the time, and they are addicted to social networking platforms too much. They use different sources of social media to communicate with the world. Moreover, they find social media very useful because they get to know about so many things, starting from news to things about their favorite author, movies, music on social media. As there is so much engagement on SNS, the brands are using it to reach the millennials. Therefore, social media platforms have become a connecting bridge between brands and millennials.


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The final word!  

One in 3 millennials uses social media to connect with a brand and directly get in touch with them.  Facebook has become one of the largest mediums for brands to connect with their target audience. 55% of people on Facebook use their phones only to search the profiles of marketing brands. Millennials prefer to use social media to communicate with brands, and they don’t have to go to any offline store for the same. In this way, website owners and other companies can take the help of social media to attract the millennials and enhance engagement.

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