Crusty Crust Is Reinventing the Pizza Dessert

Pizza is hands down one of the most popular meals on the face of the planet. Not only is it gooey, indulgent, and laden with cheese and delicious sauces, but it also creates the feeling of home, family, and belonging. Crusty Crust is an innovative pizza shop based in Canada, known for their extremely high standards when it comes to the quality of their pizza. Now, they are changing the game by introducing the brand new concept of pizza desserts.

Crusty Crust loves innovation. The company itself is owned and run by TripleOne, a decentralized venture where users from all over the world come together to make decisions on and invest in ambitious projects. Crusty Crust is a reflection of TripleOne’s ongoing desire to innovate and diversify.

The reason why customers are turning into fans of Crusty Crust is the high quality of the pizza. The crust, as the name suggests, is super savory and it has taken years to develop the recipe to this level of detail when it comes to taste. Crusty Crust also cares about its customers deeply, which is why they offer vegan and gluten-free meals. That way, friends and family can eat together while still honoring each other’s dietary preferences.

The Crusty Crust shop is a joyful and vibrant place. There are all kinds of customers at their eatery, such as teenagers, families, kids who absolutely love the fun decor, and busy entrepreneurs who love a good pizza on the go.

Customers can choose from three types of crust: the thin, regular, and the house special, Crusty Crust, which is stuffed with cheese and features garlic butter on top for an extra delicious experience. The pizza dough is prepared at the shop daily and is extra fresh. For those who are looking for a vegetable-rich, healthy meal, Custry Crust prepares fresh, delicious salads on the spot with top-quality vegetables and hearty dressings. The pizzeria serves amazing sides, such as sweet potato fries, onion rings, and perfectly prepared chicken wings that melt in the mouth.

Foodies can complete the experience by ordering a pizza dessert. Crusty Crust’s pizza desserts consist of fried dough topped with cinnamon, banana, strawberry, and Nutella. This is a truly revolutionary offering and customers are extremely hyped about the opportunity to devour the gooey goodness.

This year, Crusty Crust is celebrating all the major holidays, beginning with Halloween. They will have custom-made stickers to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, as well as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day in 2021.

Crusty Crust currently has a location in Montreal. They are opening a second restaurant in Lavalle and planning for a third one in Bois-Des-Filion. Their fanbase keeps growing, and so do orders and locations. For those who seek premium quality and unparalleled taste, Crusty Crust is a one-stop shop for fulfilling all dining cravings. The business hopes to produce a breakfast menu soon and is hard at work on special recipes and combinations. Once they have that implemented, Crusty Crust will truly be the number one go-to place for any food desire.

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