Current Focus from Drip Creationz

The company is currently working on its expansion plans and is currently working with over 500 top media influencers and celebrities to enhance its brand presence and popularity. The rich experience that the founders of the company bring to the table has shown the company the right direction from time to time, and that is the reason why the digital promotion and media strategies of the company are so successful. With their highly skilled team on board, they continue to innovate fashion and create new trends globally. Though they had picked up shoes as their niche, they are now venturing completely into apparel and accessories as well.

Drip Creationz – How did it all begin?

As little kids, all three of the co-founders shared a common passion and obsession with fashion – apparel, accessories, and footwear. Their humble low-income backgrounds, however, never made it possible for them to do something about their passion. But deep passion finds its way, and that is how one beautiful day they decided to start with being creative with shoes. They decided to create something that has never been seen before. As enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, they had always strived to be trendsetters. And that led them to start the first trends in footwear.

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