David Johnson, Jr., AKA Iamdjjohnson, is Growing as an Athlete Backed By Family Inspiration

With the strong media attention on success, it’s easy to get sidetracked from your purpose and forget why you started. This is not the case for basketball start Iamdjjohnson. His mission for what he does is his most prized possession – to work as hard as possible in order to create a legacy for his family.

Part of this mission came from his father who passed away when Iamdjjohnson was young. This tragedy came with pain, but it resulted in fueling the young star to work harder for his family name. While some players may stop there, Iamdjjohnson takes it a step further and even wears his father’s number (23) on his jersey. Representing this at every game, Iamdjjohnson is reminded on the court exactly what he stands for.

With solid motives evident, it’s clear that Iamdjjohnson continues to progress for the right reasons. Never forgetting his story and where he came from, Iamdjjohnson only continues to succeed and has no lack of inspiration doing so. With this mantra, he now inspires others around him to do the same.

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