Dazzling Wall Art is the Next Big Thing in Home Decor: Let Elitist Show You How to Jazz up Your Walls in StyleBusiness 

Dazzling Wall Art is the Next Big Thing in Home Decor: Let Elitist Show You How to Jazz up Your Walls in Style

Incandescent wall art is undoubtedly an unconventional choice, but as people turn towards individuality in their interior design, it’s becoming more mainstream. From neon lights to hot colors, incandescent wall art truly captures the personality of a space, bathing it in a fun glow. Noticing this trend was on the rise, Elitist, a modern art company, launched a business focusing on and improving wall art for the modern customer.

Founded in 2017 by Mike Pashayan, Elitist revolutionized the incandescent wall art business by offering an LED alternative to more traditional neon gas signs. Making the signs more practical and more affordable, Elitist products found their way into homes and businesses worldwide, elevating their design. “Incandescent wall art is entertaining,” states Mike. “We sought out to make the pieces easier to access and incorporate into decor whether for residential or business.”

M​otivated by the idea that modern art should help promote the best version of yourself, Elitist became a one-stop-shop for light-up products with designs ranging from shapes to quotes to text. “At Elitist, we aim to inspire people through their environments,” explains Mike. “Our products provide people with glowing inspiration, and that is something we are really proud of.”

Offering worldwide shipping and a seamless shopping experience through their website, Elitist has increased access to wall art that previously would have been too expensive or prohibitive to ship. “Before, people would marvel at incandescent wall art in businesses or large-scale homes, but now they can achieve that same look in their own spaces,” says Mike. “Something is very captivating about bright lights, and we bring that to our customers.”

Q​uirky and covering every color in the rainbow, Elitist makes it easy to bring illuminating energy into your space. Mike follows up with, “We design pieces as unique and vibrant as our customers, which is why people come to our site.” With Elitist, you can light up any space, one room at a time.

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