Delegating: one of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur – with Albert Sheeler

You may hear around on the street is that one of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to delegate. Have you heard that yourself?

Apparently, many prominent professionals support this claim. No, I’m not talking about my “cousin”, but entrepreneurs of the caliber of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, just to name a couple of well-known names. Of course, if you’re the head of a multinational company, you’re bound to need someone to help you out. What’s intriguing, though, is that these big businessmen started delegating early, when they were still “little guys.” This is exactly how they were able to expand their business and build an empire.

Interested in finding out why you, a freelancer, should take the advice of millions of entrepreneurs like you and learn the fine art of delegating?

Read on and I’ll explain all the benefits you’d reap.

That’s how the best teams work: everyone plays their part in their own area of expertise, ensuring a greater focus on each aspect of the project and offering an appropriate range of skills. That’s how you can make any project perfect. Besides, the race to the finish line is much faster if there’s someone there to help you pedal.

We asked successful South American entrepreneur, Albert Sheeler, for his perspective on this branch of the business – delegating work


Some entrepreneurs or freelancers believe that doing everything themselves, personally taking care of every aspect and detail, saves money. If you think about it, however, just the opposite is true.

What is the skill that sets you apart and allowed you to start your own business?

You became an accountant because you’re a genius at accounting, tax and business law, but I’m willing to bet you’re not as good at writing your business blog articles. Or, if you’re a copywriter you’ll be great at selling “ice to Eskimos,” but probably when faced with the numbers of an invoice to make and send, your passion will wane. Why? Simple, because you’re good at something else. Just because you’re self-employed doesn’t mean you have to know how to do everything.

So stop and think: what is the most profitable way to use your time?

If you want to earn more money, you should spend your time developing and improving your business.

Focus on the most lucrative activities.

Don’t waste hours and hours on side tasks or trying to do things that stray from your specialization. There is a simple and beneficial solution: delegate.
I know, it may seem like a vicious cycle. To earn more money you need to focus on what you do best and delegate the rest, but in order to afford one or more employees, you need to be able to earn more. So? Delegating requires a little initial sacrifice. You need to invest a little bit of time to find a reliable person and then pay them appropriately for their contribution.

But it’s an investment worth making because the return will be measurable and valuable.

Is there life beyond work? Yes, Sir!

Running a business brings great satisfaction, but it’s also a source of great stress. Don’t tell me you’re always full of energy and inner peace?
Sometimes I get to the evening with a raw nerve and woe betide anyone who crosses my path! Wife, dog, anyone who passes in front of me… I electrocute them, the stuff of “Zeus, watch and learn”. Fortunately, it rarely happens to me.
What about you? If you’re starting to get constantly stressed, feel like you’re working all the time, and wonder if there’s a life outside of work… I guess it’s time to get some help.

In order to maintain high work standards, you should take care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

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