Description of Khalil Bastaki, a famous Iranian pop singer, about singing and singing

Depending on the culture and nationality, the singers each perform a type of music called singing, which may be accompanied or unaccompanied.

Singing may be formal or informal, pre-determined, or improvised. Singing may be for pleasure, comfort, ritual, education, or for material gain.

Singing is usually performed by a group of musicians such as the Kerry Ensemble with voices in different ranges, or with a group of musicians such as a rock or baroque ensemble.

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds using the human voice. It differs from ordinary speech in its rhythm and tonality. A person who sings is called a singer or a singer.

Singing skills are only possible with regular time, training, work and practice.

In many ways, human singing can be considered a form of speech. Almost anyone who speaks can sing. But singing is not possible for people whose vocal cords are severely damaged or who have paralysis in one or both vocal cords.

Professional singers often work in one style of music; For example, classical or rock music is taught under the supervision of singing teachers and instructors.

In order for the singer to be able to use his maximum capacity and abilities in singing, he goes to sound instructors.

Khalil Bastaki is the real name of Seyed Khalil Hosseini, born on 9/11/1991 in Bastak. Khalil Bastaki started singing in celebrations and weddings in 2006 and has produced about fifty works so far.

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