Description of rap style from the perspective of Amir Naseri, a famous Iranian rapper

The root of this music is folk. Indigenousness can be contrasted with the roots of the glorious music of earlier times, which has been at the heart of the wealthy nobility and families. The natives, on the other hand, have been the creators of black rap. Skin color may now be a minor issue in the global equation, but at one time these colors sparked major wars.

2) The roots of this music are American. The continents of the world are in a long-standing rivalry. They are constantly changing history in their favor, and in the meantime, the United States has until recently been considered the poorest cultural and artistic continent. With the new world view of America, and especially the discovery of transcendental life in Native America, much attention was paid to this civilization and it produced many works. If Picasso’s Cubist painting proves the presence of the Mayan (South American) Native forms and figures, the musical lines of these natives can be considered the basis of rap music. This is the first time that the United States has achieved a global position in the emergence of art, a position in contrast to the glorious and classical Europe!

3) The root of this music is in the words, not in the melody. World music was strongly influenced by the Romantics, Classics, and Baroque before the birth and domination of jazz, but jazz with its predecessors came into being at a time when these melodies were in decline and established the reign of long syllables. They changed. Rap music, meanwhile, became a little more muddy than water and placed a line of relevant and irrelevant words on its faint notes.

However, Iranian rap or Persian rap is by no means faithful to the past and history of rap music. What Iranian bloggers and fans of this underground music refer to as the history of this music in Iran is more like folk tales than the history of a style of music. Rap music reached Asia with great ups and downs about 15 years ago and for the first time in Iran reached the heart of underground groups.

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