Description of the first chakra or root chakra by the Astro Farsi Sally

The color of clothes affects us due to the light sensitivity of body cells, so it is better to wear clothes that we need the color of, but do not forget that with any clothes you wear including a shirt or blouse or coat, your underwear should be white. If your clothes are made of natural cotton or silk or wool, it is better than artificial clothes with artificial colors.

Music therapy of the first chakra:

The most suitable music for activating the root chakra is music that has a uniform and emphatic rhythm to coordinate the first chakra. You can enjoy the sounds of nature, and if you do not have access to pure nature, you can listen to tapes recorded from the sounds of nature.

Aromatherapy, Clove powder:

Clove oil helps to loosen the energy nodes inside the first chakra.

Purification of the first chakra:

Seeing the fiery red color of the sun at sunrise or sunset or the sunrise and sunset radiation causes the first chakra to be revived and harmonized, opening a closed and limited space inside it. Sitting on the ground and breathing in the smell of the soil will have a very good effect on the first chakra. Red is a color that gives you courage and vitality. If this red color is combined with a shade of blue, it will help you to combine the love of the world with spiritual energy in your being. If one lives mainly through the first chakra, one needs the most sleep time, which is about ten to twelve hours, and the way to sleep is preferably on the abdomen. How do you know if the first chakra is more active than the other chakras? If under unusual conditions of stress or shock the first chakra does not work enough, you will feel unbalanced or floating in space and you may even have Diarrhea. On the other hand, if the first chakra works too much, you may lose your temper and become angry and aggressive in unusual situations. The unbalanced functioning of the first chakra causes your thoughts and actions to revolve mainly around material possessions and peace of mind, and you will indulge in emotional issues such as eating and other desires, you want to do whatever you want without thinking about the outcome, and at the same time it is difficult for you to achieve them and also you have a strong desire to keep distance and security.

Location: Between the anus and the genitals, the tail is connected to open downwards.

Relevant glands: adrenal glands

Related hormones: Adrenaline and light adrenaline

Related parts: all hard parts, spine, bones, teeth, nails, legs, anus, intestines, prostate glands, blood, cell proliferation

Sense: Olfactory

Color: fiery red

Dependent element: soil

Background: The first vital energy, the first care of connection with the earth and the material world, strength, succeeding power to determine the rotation of the chakra in the female to the left, that is, counterclockwise and in male

Possibility to purify and activate the first chakra: enjoy the dawn, sunrise, and sunset, fresh soil

Type of yoga: Hatayoga, Kendamine Yoga

Dependent planets: Saturn, Mars, Pluto

Color nutrition:

The natural color of the foods we eat makes the vibration frequency of the same color available to us and affects a specific chakra: red liver, heart, red cabbage bran, sugar beet, red raspberries, red cherries, red grapes, red plums, red peppers, red apples, tomatoes and whatever.

Location: Above the sacrum, almost above the genitals and below the umbilicus relevant glands: Ovaries, prostate Gland Related hormones: Estrogen Related parts: Pelvis, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, all body fluids such as blood, lymph fluid Gastric juice, sperm Related parts of the body: pelvis, lower torso, genitals, bladder, kidneys, stomach, body fluids (tears, urine, blood and menstrual secretions) Sense: Taste Color: Dark orange Related element: Aqua: The first emotions flowing with life, hedonism, lust, amazed creativity and eager to rotate the chakra: in women clockwise and in men counterclockwise the possibility of cleansing and activating: enjoying and seeing the moonlight and clear water Natural and immersed in it or drinking from spring water Related planets: Moon, Pluto Main features: pleasure, sexual pleasure, emotions, intimacy, warmth and love, creativity and self-confidence Flower extract: Basil and marshmallow oil : Jasmine, Rose Food: Liquids (water, juices and teas)

Energy blockage in the second chakra:

If the energy passage in this chakra is blocked or there is a disorder in this chakra, it leads to the denial or suppression of sexual desires and often appears in the way of excessive relationship and fantasy, or it may be in a state such as a drug addiction. In any case, there is doubt, hesitation, tension, or even hatred towards the opposite sex, and the tool of these natural energies is condemned by the person or it is manifested as rude lust and insistence on sexual desires. In any case, the malfunction of the second chakra is usually occurring in the age of puberty. The awakening of sexual energies creates instability, and usually, parents and educators cannot properly teach young people at this time and how to control this energy. The deficiency of this chakra can be rooted in childhood. Parents probably controlled their emotions and communication, and the person suppressed the lack of sensory pleasures as a result of his emotions, and during puberty, experienced the inhibition of the growth of sexual energy, love, and compassion. The result is relapse, lack of self-esteem, emotional paralysis, and a cold temper, and life seems sad, dull It is worthless.

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