Director says that Falcon And The Winter Soldier scene wasn’t intended to affirm that Bucky is bi

Since the time Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson was presented in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s been a beautiful widespread fan-hypothesis that in any event somebody in the Sam/Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers triangle is gay or sexually unbiased, and there are a large number of YouTube recordings or Tumblr presents coordinating inquisitive fans on the specific line conveyances or significant appearing looks that “demonstrate” it, however—similar as with the comparable fan-speculations with another Disney-possessed property—Marvel has so far declined to transparently accept that understanding of its characters.

Talking with Variety as of late, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier chief Kari Skogland tended to a scene in the show’s debut where Sebastian Stan’s Bucky regrets how out of his profundity he is with current dating applications, noticing that a many individuals are posting “tiger photos” and that he doesn’t get it. This, for those of us who are likewise out of their profundity with current dating applications, is a reference to what in particular is obviously a typical pattern now in which individuals (generally men) try to incorporate photographs of themselves presenting with or almost a tiger on their dating profiles. Once more, men are typically the ones doing this, so fans deciphered Bucky’s line as a kind of perspective to the way that he’s seeing dating profiles from men, and (since he said this while out on the town with a lady) that implies he may be sexually unbiased.

One moment, says Skogland, who said in her Variety meet that the line is only a joke around “an oddity of the times” and a reference to something that wouldn’t bode well to Bucky. “Since remember,” Sogland noticed, “he’s 106 years of age. So he’s simply confounded by the entire thing.” She says they never examined whether it should mean anything about Bucky past that, yet she additionally alerts against deciphering any sort of love between two men as being heartfelt or sexual in nature. She says Bucky and Sam have developed to cherish each other before the finish of the show, however “there’s no characterized sexuality to any of it.”

So she’s not absolutely saying that Bucky isn’t sexually open, which is acceptable, yet it appears to be suggestive of the manner in which Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker tried to give Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron a female love interest just so no one would emerge from that film figuring he and Finn may wind up together. Fortunately there will be a Captain America 4 now, so perhaps there’ll be a pardon to reference Bucky’s dating life again around there.

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