DJ Scher lays out top social media marketing skills people need in 2021.

DJ Scher has created his unique niche as one of the youngest social media influencers and entrepreneurs in the US.

With the advent in the digital space with many new technologies and developments, there has also been a rise in the demand of various social media skills. People today judge others and brands by their presence on social media, which helps them know the prominence they have in their respective industries. With so many changes and continuous growth of social media and the digital world as a whole, it was only obvious for many to enter the space and turn into entrepreneurs and social media influencers. David Scher, aka DJ Scher, stands tall amongst these professionals who have tried to give his all in making it huge in the same.

DJ Scher was born in New Jersey and currently resides in LA. The growth of social media had very early appealed to DJ Scher, which led him to enter the field and dive deep into digital marketing. Through the process, he learned many new things and honed his skills in social media marketing, which motivated him to initiate his business Scher Marketing (@schermarketing). Below he shares a few social media marketing skills that he believes people will need in 2021.

• Communication skills: The foremost social media skills that new entrepreneurs must have is communication skills, says DJ Scher. For representing a firm and engaging with its customers, one needs to have strong communication skills. It is also essential for having great interactions within a team, sharing ideas and translating the same into campaigns.
• Content curation: Content curation is also a skill that entrepreneurs need to work upon, especially for those who lack the skills to create a steady flow of content on their own. According to DJ Scher, this is an important social media marketing skill as he thinks that businesses need to know when, what, and how to share content to be steady in the social media game.
• Creativity and marketing: For keeping followers engaged and hooked to your content, DJ Scher says entrepreneurs need to level up their creativity and marketing game. Creating interactive content and using the right marketing tactics and strategies helps a brand stand apart from others in the competitive space.

DJ Scher is also involved in other businesses like dropshipping and model management. His dropshipping business Luxsy has developed exponentially since the pandemic, thanks to people’s dependence on online shopping. His modelling agency, Discontinue Talent (@discontinue), is also growing as DJ Scher partnered with viral marketer Alex Smetana to grow models and help them gain more modelling and brand projects. At only 20 years, this is who DJ Scher has created his success story all on his own.

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