Dynamic Duo Josef and Nawras Are Ready to Shake Things Up in the e-Com Industry with DropshipBusiness 

Dynamic Duo Josef and Nawras Are Ready to Shake Things Up in the e-Com Industry with Dropship

The modern world can be divided into several different categories. Today, the ones with the most impact are before and after the internet, and before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rise of technology changed the way people do things, and e-commerce (online shopping) changed the face of consumerism. The pandemic put the world in quarantine with e-commerce being a saving grace to get the items we need to live. Now, the startup company Dropship is about to further revolutionize e-commerce.

At this point, Dropship is still in its startup phase and due to launch in early 2021. The product itself is a bit of a mystery, but it is the brainchild of brothers Nawras (17) and Josef Ganim (20). Dropship is an AI (artificial intelligence) software designed to provide multiple solutions and services for e-commerce store owners. It was written to analyze product behavior, performance, and sales to gauge the overall potential of these items. In turn, this will save e-commerce merchants time in the research phase and increase chances of success in the testing phase.

Essentially, Dropship measures how successful/desirable a product will be, meaning merchants can skip the research and testing phases, allowing them to launch products for sale much faster. Of course, this means bringing in revenues that much faster. Another solution Dropship will offer is allowing merchants to set up a complete online store in just a few clicks. Additional tools and features will be added over time as the founders are currently perfecting the primary sales potential function.

Setting up an e-commerce store can be risky as merchants, especially new ones, face the challenge of finding products that will be hot sellers. Dropship takes the guesswork out of the equation and will in the future offer product fulfillment, which will be everything a dropshipper needs. Finding a product, building a store, and fulfilling orders directly through Dropship.

Dropship will launch with the analysis of the most popular product categories in e-commerce: household goods, electronics, fashion, beauty, baby, pets, and a random mix of all categories. Once a seller has chosen their area of sales, Dropship will send weekly product suggestions based on sales analysis across the web. Not only will the software make finding products to sell much easier, but the AI might help an online merchant find that elusive unique product with the potential to go viral.

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