Emotion in singing, explanations by Reza Sajedi, a famous Iranian singer

The most important and wide part and the important point in singing and having a good voice is having a feeling in the words of the singer. You must have heard the songs that you drowned in after that dream, even though even the singer of the work did not sound very good, but because he was able to convey the feeling of that work to you, it penetrated into your soul or even when you You listen to music whose language you do not like, the feeling of the singer penetrates your soul.

One sentence our students hear a lot from us is that “the listener does not hear your voice, he sees your voice, that is, the singer must perform the piece in a way that engages all the cells of the audience, the feeling of words must flow in his voice, then he can be distinguished . ”

Emotion in singing and performance is the biggest factor for progress in a singer’s singing, which is not easily achieved and is achieved and developed completely experimentally and by thinking.

Becoming a singer does not only mean learning solfeggio and sound engineering. There are other principles and rules that must be learned, practiced and applied. It is important to know that every human larynx is unique. Therefore, it is necessary to know the volume and range of sound right in your larynx and learn singing techniques, so that your voice affects every heart.

Short biography of Reza Sajedi

Reza Sajedi ( رضا ساجدی )  is a famous Iranian singer and pop musician. Reza has released many official music that can be found in a short search in global markets.

Reza was born on September 30, 1995. His full name is Reza Sajedi Abkenar. He entered the field of music at the age of 13 and studied pop with the country’s top professors.

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