Everything we need to know about tuning. Full description from the famous Arabic arranger Ahmed Almuhandes

Arranging a song is one of the steps that plays a significant role in making a song more melodious. To produce a work, you need to choose a professional songwriter who can understand your lyrics and melody in the best possible way and, with his creativity, give a new spirit to the content you have.

 In order to make a better choice, ask that person to send you their resume and work history so that you can make a better decision about choosing a regulator.

 A professional arranger should be fully acquainted with the types of instruments in terms of the type of playing as well as its general structure, as well as familiarity with the musical notes, which can be combined according to the melody and lyrics of the required instruments including drums, piano and… Give; And even if the instrument is to be recorded live on that piece, a professional arranger must know how, when the musician starts playing and how it ends, and he or she tells how each instrument is played and how to divide it. What is the song like? Here we mean the division of a song into sections according to which the overall structure of the work is arranged. For example, the preference section is a part of a song that is performed and repeated in parts of a piece differently from other parts.

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