Familiarity with the world of fashion and clothing from the point of view of Shaghayegh Karimi, the top clothing designer in this regard

The meaning of the term concept:

Perhaps the term is used more at unveiling ceremonies than anywhere else. Concept means a default and conceptual design. For example, if it is said that the ceremony is a display of the new collection concept

Gucci brand

, It can be understood that the Gucci brand is going to unveil the idea or concept design of its new collection.

 The meaning of the term cat walk

Kat Walk is another specialized word in the field of fashion. If you are a fan of luxury brands fashion shows, you have definitely seen the platform that models walk on to show their clothes, Kat Walk means exactly the same platform. Catwalk platforms are usually T-shaped and covered with red carpets. Another term for a walk coat is “defile”. The interesting thing about Kat Walk is that the models who sign contracts with brands for Kat Walk, are not allowed to cooperate with other brands during the contract period, and therefore their contract amounts are high.

 The meaning of the term model

Molaj is another name for the famous specialized correction in the field of fashion. The root of this term goes back to French. The lexical translation of this word means format, volume and structure. According to my research, the term modeling can be related to artificial mannequins. Models are often used to teach design and patterning. Models are also used to present their work to people.

 The meaning of the term tapestry

Tapestry in the simplest sense is a fabric that has a simple texture that covers the fabric on the warp to create different patterns. This term is more widely used by designers and fabric manufacturers than it is used by the general public. In fact, the art of tapestry is the art of fashionable texture or the same texture that is the mother of all textures. The term has its roots in English culture. The French, who are among the top three countries in the field of fashion, call this word tapestry. In general, plain woven fabrics or woven kilims are called tapestries.

 Why should we get acquainted with the terms of the fashion world?

Our information raises the context of news, reports, etc. in relation to the issues raised.

Makes our vision more open and complete than the contents of the fashion world.

Increases our understanding of fashion issues.

It increases our knowledge in the field of fashion and clothing and can create different businesses for us.

Familiarity with the specialized terms of fashion increases our mental and artistic creativity and we become acquainted with different and beautiful languages ​​of fashion.

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