Filipino American diver and coach Victoria : Viki Draves Celebrating with doodle

Today Google Doodle celebrates Filipino American diver and coach Victoria “Vicki” Draves, the primary Asian American lady to win an Olympic medal.

On this day in 1948, Draves won the gold award in the ladies’ 3-meter springboard occasion at the London Summer Olympics.

Victoria Draves was conceived Victoria Taylor Manalo in the South of Market locale of San Francisco on December 31st, 1924.

Growing up, she and her family regularly jumped on the streetcar to the gigantic Fleishhacker Pool to swim and watch the jumpers.

At the point when she was a young person, an individual from a nearby swimming club inquired as to whether she needed to figure out how to jump, and she energetically acknowledged, springboarding her into the game she proceeded to advocate.

After a large number of jumps to consummate her structure and three back to back U.S. National Diving Championship stage titles, Draves earned a spot at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London.

She ruled the games each steadfast jump in turn and left a mark on the world as the principal lady to bring home the gold in both the stage and springboard occasions.

Thanks to you, Vicki Draves, for rousing individuals wherever to reach skyward and dive in!

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