FlickType engineer trolls Apple with tweet after QuickPath uncover

Almost a half year prior we enlightened you regarding Kosta Eleftheriou, the designer of FlickType. The last is a QWERTY console application for the Apple Watch. The designer said that Apple needed to buy FlickType to use as a local console for the wearable. In any case, when he turned Apple down, things began to get terrible and Eleftheriou said that Apple then, at that point began to permit copycat opponents to meander indiscriminately in the App Store.

Kosta’s hypothesis is that Apple permitted FlickType’s opponents in the App Store to harm his application’s remaining among Apple Watch console applications so income would decay and constrain Elefteriou to sell the application to Apple at a lower cost. The designer sued Apple and in the court papers that he documented, this hypothesis was clarified accordingly: “Evidently, Apple thought Plaintiff would simply give up and sell its application to Apple at a discount.”

Apple eliminated the application from the App Store for a while, and furthermore dismissed one more form of the application that would take notes. Apple has denied the cases made by Eleftheriou in his claim, and yesterday while uncovering the Apple Watch Series 7, the tech goliath presented QuickPath. This is a QWERTY console that permits Apple Watch clients to type by tapping on the console’s letters or swipe to choose a letter. The organization’s Machine Learning predicts the word that the client is attempting to type.

So after the previous California Streaming occasion and the presentation of the QuickPath include for the Apple Watch Series 7, Eleftheriou tweeted Apple and stated, “See you in court.” The designer says that he wasn’t alluding to another claim however was remarking on the suit that had as of now been recorded before Apple presented QuickPath yesterday.

The tweet contained a letter from Apple tracing all the way back to 2019 when FlickType had been eliminated from the App Store by Apple for the reasons expressed in the letter. Apple reestablished FlickType and advanced it last year during a “Top Apps of 2020” advancement.

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