For Pixel 4A 5G touchscreen hardships, Google is dealing with a fix

A few clients began announcing inconvenience subsequent to downloading the December security update

Google says it’s mindful of an issue with Pixel 4A 5G touchscreens and is chipping away at a fix.

A few gadgets are neglecting to react reliably to taps on the lower part of the screen, which is especially affecting people who have selected three-button route instead of swipes.

From 4A 5G proprietors encountering the issue, which appears to have sprung up after the December security fix was delivered.

Google’s reaction comes graciousness of a Pixel uphold discussion post.

The organization says it will address the issue ”in an upcoming software update”, yet it’s seeming as though that will be in any event a couple more weeks away security fix didn’t address it.

Meanwhile, Google encourages clients to work around the issue for certain particular guidelines on tapping route controls:

  1. When tapping symbols on the edge of the screen, tap the focal point of the catch or the side of the catch/symbol farthest away from the edge of the presentation.
  2. When tapping symbols, including the route catches on the lower part of your screen, utilize the tip of your finger or thumb all things being equal. This will help improve contact acknowledgment.

It is anything but a simple undertaking to attempt and deliberately change the manner in which you accomplish something like tap a catch on your phone screen, so ideally Pixel 4A 5G clients will just need to endeavor these off-kilter workarounds for a brief period longer.

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