For ruling Bears, Packers get ‘A’ for bulldozing Texans, Rams get ‘A-‘ : NFL Week 7 grades

Here are the Week 7 evaluations for each group that played on Sunday and Monday

In the event that there was any worry about the Packers’ capacity to bounce back from a victory misfortune, they can likely feel free to toss those worries out the window. Multi week subsequent to getting destroyed by Tampa Bay, the Packers reacted by pulling off one of their best all-around exhibitions of the period in a 35-20 win over the Houston Texans. Aaron Rodgers painted another hostile show-stopper with 283 passing yards and four scores.

The Packers didn’t have running back Aaron Jones in this game, yet as it turned out, they didn’t really require him, since they had Rodgers and Davante Adams to convey the offense.

A sound Adams is almost difficult to stop, and he demonstrated that on Sunday. The Packers beneficiary got 13 passes for a vocation high 196 yards, which likewise fills in as the eighth-most elevated single-game absolute in establishment history.

It turned out to be clear pretty right off the bat in the game that the Texans planned to have a couple of issues covering Adams. For example, on this third-and-9 in the main quarter, Adams was secured well, yet then Rodgers made an awesome toss.

Rodgers acknowledged that consummation as the one that got this show on the road with Sunday.

“It was actually the catch down the left sideline on third down that made us go,” Rodgers said after the game. “With some lovely late hands by Adams. at the point when he’s in the game, clearly we’re intense.”

The 28-yard toss to Adams was really one of two gets of in excess of 25 yards that he had on the drive. Two plays later, Adams would get a 36-yard pass that set the Packers up at Houston’s 5-yard line. The Packers in the end scored a score on the drive to go up 14-0, and from that point onward, the victory was on.

Rodgers and Adams associated at key occasions in this game. In addition to the fact that they converted the third-and-9 above, however later in the game, the Packers changed over a third-and-4 after Rodgers hit Adams with a 45-yard score pass.

The was TD was one of multiple times where the couple associated on third down. To make that detail significantly crazier, simply think about this: The Packers changed over 7 of 12 third downs in the game and Adams was in a bad way on ALL seven transformations (third-and-objective, third-and-1, third-and-4, third-and-5, third-and-7, third-and-9, third-and-10).

On pretty much every third down, it was entirely clear where Rodgers was going with the ball, however the Texans actually couldn’t stop it. Despite the fact that the Packers offense had a hiccup a week ago, it doesn’t seem as though that misfortune will have any drawn out impacts.

The Packers actually seem as though perhaps the best offense in the NFC, if not the best, and they seemed as though that despite the fact that they were feeling the loss of a central participant in Jones.

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