For the Jets, would Deshaun Watson will play ?

When attempting to list the groups that ought to be keen on Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, it gets simpler to list the groups that shouldn’t be: Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Chargers, Bengals.

The Jets ought to be intrigued. With a last page booming “watever it takes.” Watson’s true Instagram account clicked “like” on the picture, inciting a lot of Jets fans to commotion for the group to exchange for Watson.

A web-based media “like” on an Instagram picture prompting for Watson’s exit doesn’t imply that Watson needs to play for the Jets; it implies he needs to play for another group than the Texans. In the event that/when the Texans consent to attempt to exchange Watson, Watson arriving with the Jets is impossible.

As Chris Simms’ called attention to on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Watson would have an incredible season with the Jets and the Jets perhaps would be 4-12.

The group has an excessive number of different requirements. The draft picks that would go to Houston to complete the arrangement would make it much harder to address those necessities.

That is the more extensive issue Watson will confront, any place he goes. On the off chance that a group surrenders a threesome of first-round picks to get him, Watson’s new group will have three less first-round picks, making it harder to put a quality group around him.

All things considered, if the Texans choose to attempt to exchange Watson, the best move becomes getting a rundown of the groups for which Watson would play (his no-exchange statement gives him blackball force) and afterward holding a bartering for Watson’s agreement.

There’s tireless talk allied circles that Watson needs to play for the Dolphins.

Given that the Dolphins could send Houston’s first-round pick back to the Texans as a component of an exchange, Miami could make the exchange without sabotaging its capacity to put a serious group on the field.

Thus, essentially, as Jets fans jar for Watson to be exchanged from Houston, the awful news could be that he’s exchanged to a group the Jets play double each year.

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