Fortnite SKINS LEAK in 9.40 Update: Tsuki, Mika, Anarchy Agent, Bachii and ALL new skins

Fortnite Update 9.40 has released early today bringing loads of new content to all players crosswise over PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile gadgets.

Annoyingly the game is offline with Fortnite Down and server status maintenance in progress. In any case, that is the life with Fortnite updates.

On the off chance that people want a more intensive take a gander at this new 9.40 patch notes follow the link above, that will let people know all that they have to know about whats new in the game today. From new strategic shotgun’s to unvaulted sniper rifles.

There’s likewise plenty in there for Creative and Save the World players.

In any case, likewise with each update, there’s additionally various mysteries hidden inside the game’s recently released code.

What’s more, as in the past, the update has been datamined by the Fortnite community to reveal various new cosmetics and things coming to the game in the days and weeks ahead.

Sometimes everyone get new skins altogether, occasionally it very well may be slight style tweaks to existing skins they have seen previously. There’s additionally new pickaxes, gliders, back bling and emotes. Essentially loads more stuff coming to the item shop for people to purchase with V-Bucks or salivate over.

These new details were found by the usual Fortnite dataminers who post their discoveries to Twitter. In spite of the fact that, for the time being, names and rarities for these things are as of now unknown.

It’s equally unclear when these new items could go live in the game, however it’s feasible going to be spread out throughout the next few days.

Some will be accessible in the shop, others may be realistic via new in-game challenges (everyone have just observed a few notices of a second Birthday Event and Overtime Challenges).

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