Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes – Owner of TwichStudio and Co-owner of FeriBoyz

Only a few people dare to dive into multiple careers by trusting themselves. Oftentimes, we hear about the success of individuals in a particular niche but it is rare to find a person who possesses multiple talents. Out of all those rare individuals, Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes is one name that has strongly impressed everyone with his photography, videography, entertainment, and entrepreneurial skills.

Born in the Netherlands and brought up in St. Eustatius by his mother with love and courage, Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes has always directed his thinking towards reinventing himself. As a result, he excels as a photographer, videographer, entertainer, and entrepreneur.

Giuliano has a creative mindset and he follows a visionary approach in life which is why he is a pro in multiple fields. Lopes runs the TwichStudio that specializes in high-energy photoshoots, still photography, and video production.

Owing to his exceptional photography skills, the multi-faceted personality has managed to work with many reputed artists, namely, Kymani Marley and Trent Shelton. This is not the only achievement he has made as he is also the co-owner of the company, FeriBoyz.

It is a brand that sells designer fashion, beauty, and health products. Due to this strong entrepreneurial mindset, Lopes has managed to take FeriBoyz to a new level and extend its reach in the global marketplace.

Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes has got the splendid artistic ability and he is popular as a hip-hop artist. He is a songwriter and performer associated with the Darkside Muzik label. His maiden song, “Sick of This ft. Krosss” has received a good response from listeners. Lopes aims to introduce creative music with relatable content for his listeners.

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