Google seems to be paying close attention to its Android tablet segment

One of Android’s unique originators, Rich Miner, is chipping away at Android tablets, a reality that was as of late uncovered in a ComputerWorld report delving into Google’s set of experiences with tablets. Excavator’s LinkedIn page seems to affirm it, posting his present title as “CTO Android Tablets,” and says he’s been in that job since March, 2021. Google told The Verge in an email that his particular job is “leading software development for Android for large screens” in the “Platforms and Ecosystems team.”

Considering that somebody essential to Android’s set of experiences is presently chipping away at tablets, and a few work postings Google has posted, it seems like the organization might be accomplishing something fascinating with Android past telephones and foldables. Excavator dealt with Android when it was being worked by an organization called Android, Inc., which would later proceed to be gained by Google. He’s done a great deal of things in the time since (counting assisting Google with sorting out which new companies to put resources into), however it appears as though presently he’s back chipping away at Android, with an eye towards improving it for tablets.

It’s not only Miner’s job that shows Google has a restored center around bigger screen gadgets. The impending Android 12L update, which is right now in beta, is centered around working on the tablet and foldable experience. A task posting for a “Senior Engineering Manager, Android Tablet App Experience” spotted by 9to5Google also says that Google believes “the future of computing is shifting towards more powerful and capable tablets.”

That is somewhat of a turn around for Google – in 2019, the organization said that its equipment group was finished chipping away at tablets, and would be completely zeroing in on PCs. While Google’s equipment lead said that the “Android & Chrome OS teams are 100% committed for the long-run on working with our partners on tablets,” following the not-ideal Pixel Slate (which utilized Chrome OS rather than Android) it was difficult to have an invigorated outlook on the future for Google-controlled tablets.

Presently, with the recruits and reports that Google’s chipping away at its own foldable Pixel telephone (which could fundamentally turn out to be a telephone that transforms into a tablet), it most certainly seems like the organization is anticipating getting back to the tablet space somehow or another. Google said it didn’t have a remark concerning whether it had rethought chipping away at its own tablets.

yet, Miner himself has been offering a few fascinating remarks on Twitter. He retweeted ComputerWorld’s article with the remark “Definitely a sad story, but there is an indication of hope at the end. What is that [Rich Miner] guy up to…” He likewise answered to a remark from Mishaal Rahman, saying that Android 12L, a forthcoming update zeroed in on bigger screen gadgets, is a “great start.”

While the iPad is the fundamental focal point of discussion around tablets, Apple isn’t totally overwhelming the market. As indicated by statistical surveying firm IDC, Apple was the top tablet dealer in the second from last quarter of 2021, with around a 34 percent portion of the market. In any case, that leaves a lot of space for contenders like Samsung (the second biggest with around 18% piece of the pie in Q3 2021), Amazon, and then some. While it’s truly conceivable Google is simply wanting to zero in on its relationship with tablet OEMs, it taking one more break at a Pixel tablet wouldn’t be unwanted – particularly to individuals with affectionate recollections of the Nexus 7.

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