Growth in DJ Cassie’s career shows her belief in progressive success

Many people consider music to be a divine language of expression. For most people, it is an escape and for others, it’s a way of life. There are often people who aren’t just satisfied by listening to music but want to create their own, one such example is DJ Cassie, Also Known As ‘Hanna Ipatava’, a DJ from Belarus who specializes in deep house music.

What struck a chord with her taste in music was the modern genre of deep house. After scouring the internet for underground artists and music in various genres, she had the first taste of being behind the turntable.

Cassie has always admired the art of entertainment in general, so being able to bring people together via her music is one of her favorite elements.

Now she hopes to capitalize on the momentum he gained with her albums and rise through the music business ranks.

With getting immense recognition in her career so far, DJ Cassie has her eyes on achieving something bigger. Her goal is to expand her audio all over the world and become a platinum producer. Committed to achieving this goal, DJ Cassie says “music is her lifelong experience” as there goes a lot to understand different sub-genres of music.

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