Harsh Awna AKA Awanaa, The Rising Star From Nodia.

All those who rise to fame have a unique story of hard work, rejections, and relentless struggles. Harsh Awana AKA Awanaa was not different, the quest of exploring his passion and converting it into a profession was challenging for this young talented singer. Many of us aspire to be successful but very few of them gather motivation, take a leap, and progress forward. Awanaa aspired to be a wonderful singer and here he is, at the peak of fame and opportunities. He is the youth icon of the modern Indian music industry.

Born to a simple family of the ‘GURJAR’ community in Noida, Awanaa struggled to convince his family to turn to his passion and leave his academic life. He was a curious child who always knew what he wanted from life. At the age of 12, he realized how much music has been part of his soul and without it he could not live a joyful life. He dared to confront the odds and stand up for his dreams. He later joined a music school when he was a 9th standard student, but soon realized that he had to work by himself to polish his talents which made him choose Youtube and the internet as his mentors.

On meeting his inspiration ‘Honey Singh’ who was booming up his hit rock songs at that time inculcated the rigor to achieve and strive towards his goals.’ Brown Rang’ song by Yo Yo Honey Singh instilled a strong determination to chase his dreams. From then Awanaa had many small milestones and he focussed on the process to expertise the techniques and strategies of the music industry which made him win the longterm game. He shared the dice with top artists and attracted many directors to him. With his exceptional artistic flair and outstanding professional skills he cracked the complexity of the music production industry hence made his profound space out there.

“Stick to your own beliefs and ideals instead of doing what you think is popular and expected from you. Stay patient and work towards becoming a more rounded artist, instead of becoming big or famous as soon as possible” says Awanaa to all those aspirants who wish to carve their career in music. According to him, all those youngsters, talented and bursting with talent within can become a music icon with selfless hard work and dedication. The art of music production is all about figuring out the rhythm of tunes and appeals to the target audience. Awanaa is successful in understanding this and loves his followers back with well-recorded musical pieces. He also reminds us that being a musician is not a piece of cake and of course, life is not a bed of roses, to build yourself you need to be persistent in your efforts.

Awanaa’s tale is one in zillions and it is a marvelous source of inspiration to all upcoming musicians of our nation. He accomplished and did the unimaginable at a mere age. He believes that following our dream can lead us to it. His fame skyrocketed with his consistency and the magical music maestro inside him fetched thousands of fans across India.

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