Hemant Joshi recalls the glorious days of Navratri during pandemic

Hemant Joshi is an identified face in the Gujarati Music Industry and he has been often seen performing for a huge crowd through the Navaratri Celebrations. He has been also given the title of ‘Dandiya King’ by the crowd of Rajkot while he was performing during the 3rd day of the Navratri night. The Royal Rasotsav is one of the biggest crowds of Gujarati during the Navratri and Hemant was given an opportunity to perform through the Navratri days. He earned his respect as a singer after performing in multiple such setups.

Hemant is now an established singer and performer in Gujarat and has also worked with T-Series in the past. He has completed his Ph.D. in Indian Classical music and is now getting trained in western classical. His guruji Sri RashidKhan Saheb has been his guiding light for a very long time. He has recently also finished his Hanuman Chalisa project recording and hopes to file a new record on the timing. His brother like Parag Chariya has been around him through his journey.

Remembering his glorious days of Navratri he mentions, ‘My first Navratri of Rajkot took place in Royal Rasotsav. I am still thankful to Shri Tejasbhai Shishangia. He is like my elder brother and a news reporter with Aajtak and he got me in touch with the organizers of Royal Rasotsav Shri Vijaysinh Jadeja and Ajay Singh Jadeja, who put their first faith in me and had me perform on the large stage of Royal Rasotsav. It was the year when I was given the title of ‘Dandiya king.’ Besides performing on Navratri, I did most of the welcome Navratri and Bye Bye Navratris in Gujarat, 15 days pre and 10 days post Navratri ends. The crowd used to reach almost 70 thousand people. By the grace of Mahadev I keep getting these opportunities and I have been truly missing the golden navratri days and the stage during this pandemic. I hope all this ends soon and we all can celebrate like before.’

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