How tenacious Chris Diaz went against the odds to achieve success – and how you too can

After battling through a deep depression, Chris turned his life around and has not looked back ever since.

Not being able to get out of bed in the morning. Nearly falling asleep behind the wheel, lacking concentration during meetings, or experiencing decreased logic during conversations with potential clients. Feeling like everything is lost and there is damn near nothing to live for. Procrastinating even the most simple tasks. Losing all drive and confidence. While all of these signs of depression are not a physical ailment, they are physically debilitating and are very real. Entrepreneur Chris Diaz has been put through the ringer with his mental health, experiencing all of these effects in a short time frame. But, Chris refused to let this struggle be the narrative of his life. His outbreak story is massive inspiration to anyone going through mental health issues. 

After reaching a low point when his relationship with the love of his life ended, Chris turned his life around. While he certainly could have fallen victim to his circumstances and let the cards stacked against him keep him down, he used his lowest point as the most valuable lesson of his life. In fact, this period in his life is what would mold and propel him into the person he would become. 

With the last money he had to his name, he invested his time and money into personal growth and development. After spending time looking to discover himself and what he was passionate about, he finally found it: empowering others to become the best version of themselves. This speaks to Chris’ character and his mindset to not only find success for himself, but to lift others up with him to find their own greatness. He knew that being transparent and authentic with his story would impact people by the masses, and building his brand could allow him to connect with the right people to lead him to the successful future he had envisioned for himself. The best method of accomplishing this was through Instagram, so he went all in to master the art of Instagram growth. 

Today, after countless sleepless nights, consistency, hard work, and tons of networking he built worldclass relationships. He began learning from those in a position he sought to be in, adding valuable insights into his journey, and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs via social media. Chris has scaled his personal brand and network tremendously. His digital network of 100M+ is filled with elite entrepreneurs, businesses, athletes, artists, and influencers has allowed him to thrive, conduct business, and scale companies. He markets top personality brands and businesses. While his achievements may seem unattainable from the outside, Chris will be the first person to tell you that long term success does not come overnight. 

Spending time watching other people and seeing their success rather than pursuing your own dreams will only bring anxiety, stress, and a fear of getting started. Any influencer or successful entrepreneur on Instagram or any form of social media has gone through the ups and downs, experienced failure, and grinded for hours upon hours just to get ahead. The downside of Instagram is that nobody likes to publicize their losses, especially when trying to grow their brand or business. Chris cannot stress how important it is to not be deceived by what other influencers are posting, as the constant comparing will take a huge toll on anyone’s mental health. The only way to see success is to compare your current self with your past and get better each and every day

Another way to ensure your mindset never wavers and persevere through the toughest times of starting a business is to build a solid team around you, Chris says. A circle that is constantly supporting, uplifting, and motivating is crucial to ensure you stay accountable and on task even on the days that you feel like folding. On the contrary, Chris says that people who don’t push you to be your best self and onto the next chapter of your life need to be left out of your future. As hard as it may be to eliminate people that have been a part of your life for an extended period of time, a huge weight will be lifted off of your shoulders when you realize how fast you will level up after eliminating people who aren’t meant to stay. You are a product of your environment, and better business and relationships will begin coming your way. 

With all of the advice Chris has given to help you thrive in your industry and overcome whatever mental struggles you’re currently dealing with, in the end it is up to you to take action and make a massive change in your life.

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