How compiling Popular and Visited Books follows from inventing by Dr. Mohammad Zeinali

The evolution and growth of human beings throughout life takes place through this confrontation with various challenges, issues, and experiences;

Studying the book can provide us experiences and the right way to deal with life’s challenges at no cost and easily.

Reading books stimulates the brain in a way that watching TV or listening to the radio cannot do because it makes mental conflicts, and it’s a kind of mind exercise. So, the more we become closer with this kind friend, dramatically the more progress we will make in our lives.

Therefore, books are very necessary and useful for human beings and naturally human beings are vital for books to write their unique information, knowledge, and point of view and share it with the world.

When influential and successful people in the world, especially scientists and researchers, start writing, a spark of knowledge for the advancement of science starts to shine somewhere in the world, by publication of each copy of their writings.

Dr. Mohammad Zeinali, a young Iranian inventor and genius with a history of registering more than 15 inventions and achieving success at many domestic and international scientific festivals, is someone who has been able to create remarkable works with his very fluent and fascinating pen as an author.

He has written, translated and edited in various fields. One of these topics is astronomy. As you know, astronomy constantly reminds humanity of two seemingly contradictory points.

First, “the world is infinite, and we are only a tiny part of it.”

And second, that “life is rare and precious.” Beautiful and unique houses like the earth are not very common in the universe, and we must take care of it.

In introduction part of the book “Radio Astronomy”, Dr. Mohammad Zeinali writes: Knowledge of the universe has gradually expanded over the past few thousand years through the efforts of astronomers over the centuries. Research on astronomy has changed dramatically over the past half century. In this regard, radio astronomy has had a significant impact on the development of astronomy and the discovery of celestial phenomena.

In this book, in addition to the radio astronomy topic and the construction of a radio telescope he has tried to explain some of astronomy’s concepts as optical astronomy, infrared astronomy, gamma ray astronomy, ultraviolet astronomy and X-ray astronomy in a simpler and more digestible language.

One of His books is about «Introduction to Electronic Principles and Concepts», in which readers become familiar with the basic concepts of electronics.

They can easily identify and make better use of the electrical devices around them What is useful for each person at any age.

He has also authored other books on ideation and creativity, entitled “Lessons in Creativity and Ideation” and “Fostering Children’s Creativity.” According to him:

Creativity in general process that continues over time, and initiative, adaptability and realization are its hallmarks and can be the answer to problems. “In fact, many people have good ideas, but a few of them really do it.”

In this book, he writes about speed reading methods, increasing mind function, and tips on how to be creative for his readers.

The work of this talented inventor and author is not limited to these books, and he has also translated books on other scientific topics such as a “nonlinear and adaptive control system” and “optimal reverse control”.

He is now even expanding his knowledge, information, and extensive scientific research to share them with others with his amazing pen and take another step towards human growth and prosperity.

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