How the Eshed Brothers Are Revolutionizing the Gemstone Market with Gemerald Ltd

In the time past, precious stones were associated with royalties and nobilities, especially considering how rare and expensive these stones could be; however, a problem that has lasted generations and centuries is the lack of knowledge and technical know-how in the cutting and polishing process. Israeli brothers Shlomo and Ofer Eshed saw this problem and decided to become the solution. Armed with their lifelong passion for precious stones, especially emeralds, they founded their company, Gemerald LTD.

Gemerald LTD is a precious stone cutting, and fitting company established 40 years ago by the Eshed brothers, whose dream was to purchase some of the world’s finest rough and cut them into perfection to achieve a near-perfect result. Gemerald operates using some of the most expert and highly professional individuals versed in the area of cutting and designs, as well as the most advanced cutting machines.

Compared to its competitors who do not have the clout and access that Gemerald has, Gemerald is a firsthand cutting company that purchases rough stones directly from the mine and is in charge of the entire refining and cutting process. “That’s how we can assure the quality control of the stones and as well as keep competitive prices,” they explained.

Gemerald, in its 40 years of existence, has dealt with all kinds of precious stones regardless of grade until the founders decided that emerald, being “the most fascinating of them all,” should be the company’s focus. Also, noting that there was already a huge challenge associated with the cutting and processing of emeralds, the goal became designing the perfect stone. Gemerald currently owns a factory in the Diamond Exchange in Israel and is responsible for the supply of Emeralds to most of the most prominent jewelry brands globally in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Geneva, Las Vegas, Basel, and more.

Gemerald caters to jewelry brands worldwide, retail and wholesale, gemstones dealers, and private clients. “The main products we sell are polished precious stones, from the smallest stones to very large pieces, in all shapes and all price ranges, specializing in Emeralds.”

With their experience of dealing with gemstones for over four decades, Gemerald is on a mission to keep sourcing some of the earth’s finest emeralds and other precious stones and cutting them to perfection. In addition, and in line with the founder’s ideals, the company must provide the best designs to retain its share of the market and increase the awareness of gemstones, especially emeralds.

Aside from being the owner, Shlomo Eshed has sat as the president of the Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange In Israel for the past 20 years, which is a big advantage and a reputation bonus to the company.

Ofer’s son, Idan Eshed, and Shlomo’s son, Tamir Eshed represent the next generation of the company. Idan is the manager of the manufacturing and cutting process while Tamir is the marketing executive.

The Eshed brothers are on a mission to introduce the industry to cutting-edge technology to make the process of cutting gemstones more seamless than ever. Because this sort of technology has never been seen in the history of gemstones, it is indeed a revolution which, according to Shlomo Eshed, is only just starting, and there are no limits to how far it could go on.

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